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  1. Hi all I have setting my inverter min grid-connected voltage from 184 v to 180 v by the AccessPort program use rs232 protocol "GOLVvvv.v<cr>. It can change without factory password.
  2. Hi Mike I would like to known, Your system still ok.(20x300w two strings in parallel with 1 3kw plus infini inverter).How about this system. I plan to start install it with 3kw santech inverter. Best regards Wait for your reply Thanks Prasert1965
  3. Hi Maurizio,Kwagga Thank for your experienced. The Rs232 protocols may help my problem too.(to setting the lower of grid voltage. I will try to change it. Prasert1965
  4. Thanks superdiy I will test it before throw it away. Now, in parameters setting, I setup the battery charging, If charging current<2 ah for 30 mins for inverter to off battery charging and when battery voltage <45v inverter will recharge. I found the software from many web. (version 1.04, 1.07, 1.09,1.09sp2(modifed 10/08/2015) ,1.09sp2(modify 24/09/2015). Version 1.04 not have mypower management setting. Version 1.07 not have wide ac input range setting. Version 1.08, 1.09,1.09sp2(modify 10/08/2015) Version 1.09sp2(modify 24/09/2015) lastest version
  5. Yes, I think so. Is version 1.07 have the wide ac input range setting?
  6. Hi MaurioZa I had set up Wide ac input range to enable. But the software not allow to change it. Now I find the method to change from another forum.
  7. Thank MaurioZa default is Disable. I will set it enable. You have download the v 1.09. you can install it replace old version you have. password is Administrator. you can set your new password.
  8. Mike, Grade to your reply. I have bought this inverter from santech, same as MaurioZa. And the CD software is linux version. I had download the powersolar software version 1.09sp2 from this forum. This software work finely. And I need to setup the min grid connect in parameter setup. I saw some inverter can setup from 189v to 184v. Pls allow to share it to me. Thanks
  9. MaurioZa, Yes, I no ground connected. I will connect it next week to complete the pv system installation. The filter is the same short wires to grid and long wires to inverter. The error messages show (power grid voltage fall below the lower theshold) as warning not inverter fault.
  10. Thank MaurioZa and Mike I am beginner in solar system. I am a medical technologist.Not a electrical engineer. I installed it by myself. Because this project have a problem on low voltage of grid utility(170-180 v).I must use this filter box to protect the inverter. Then I cannot throw it away. MaurioZA installation pics is the professional. It seen neat. Mike, Are you allow me the factory password? Thank for telling me, my friends Prasert1965
  11. MaurizioZa, I had wiring it one loop in plastic box. the two wires L and N not groud is grid connection. And the 3 wires connect to inverter. Two wires is not connect to inverter(AC input).
  12. Hi MaurizioZA My hybrid inverter is HS 3kw from santech too. Not 3 kw+. I think it the same infini factory.The software is not from original CD, because it is linux version. I had download the software version 1.09sp2 from this weblink. http://www.ostrovni-elektrarny.cz/index.php?page=podpora. The purpose of this project to slove the low voltage of the utility grid(170-180v). The grid tie with backup mode and off grid I,II cannot setup.(because the inverter show error trip).Then I setup my hybrid inverter with mode off grid III ( grid relay disconect). And I setup when charging current <2 amp for 30 mins, the inverter will off charging. When battery voltage <48 v it will recharge. When PV is unavilable the inverter will charging fron grid at the time 00:00 - 04:00, that I think the grid voltage not too low to cause the inverter trip. The system now is ok. Thanks for your sharing. Best regards Prasert1965
  13. Hi all My pv system run ok, this time I setting on mode off grid. with battery bank 8 of solar gel deep cycle battery. 4x2 12v 200ah. To support deep freezer -80. I would like to ark someone,who had setting the max bettery discharge current setting. I cannot setting it. The software default is 0 amp.
  14. Hi steplan I am new member.From Thailand,I had install hybrid pv system(12 panels 280w suntech, 4x12v 200ah gel deepcycle battery.I have the same problem,How to setting. How about your setting? And the system work finely? Best regards Prasert1965
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