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  1. Hi, I got a great price on a brand new, sealed US2000B, but the manufacture date written on the battery is March 2020. Is that an issue or not really?
  2. Thanks Fully understand regarding the king inverter. But my post and the post I quoted relates to the VMIII model, yet even that one is pulling from batteries to keep it running, even in bypass mode (which is a real bypass, not via DC)
  3. OK, I actually found a post with someone using ICC that confirms the battery drain (mine is averaging around 60w per hour) Is this just to be expected from the axpert range of inverters? Why is it not self powering from utility (or at least have the option of where to self power). Do the Goodwe and Growatt models also self discharge batteries at such a high rate?
  4. 1) that is extremely high, but either way, surely in line mode it should not use the battery for any "standby" power consumption? 2) it shows an error if not communicating with the battery. I get that error if I disconnect the cable from the inverter BMS port. As soon as I reconnect it, the error disappears. So this indicates the cable is connected correctly and communication is happening correctly.
  5. Hi Guys, Just installed my: Axpert King VMIII 5KW inverter 4x 390W JA Solar Panels 2x Pylon 2000B li-ion batteries with the Axpert Pylon cable between the inverter and batteries to monitor the batteries through the BMS. I am a few days in (Joburg weather not helping much) and really enjoying learning how the system functions. One odd thing I noticed last night. Inverter is on SBU mode with solar only for charging.. Voltage back to utility is 48V, back to battery is 50V Batteries were too low to run on (under 50V), so inverter was running on
  6. Aha, so to be able to utilize the full maximum wattage of a 5kw inverter, I would need 3x pylon batteries? (1.8kw x 3 = 5.4kw) Else with 1 battery, I'm limited to a maximum load of 1.8kw, correct?
  7. Hi, I've been reading the forums and see that lithium batteries (as gooa as they are), cannot reach as high amperage output as lead avid batteries. Is this correct? For example, I see by the Pylon 3000C, it mentions: * please note this value is inverter/charger dependant, typically the maximum sustained value is 1.8kW per battery So does that mean you cannot go higher than a max of 1.8kw per battery installed?
  8. Thanks for the detailed reply! Now just waiting to see if anyone can recommend where to buy them from and what is available?
  9. Hi, 1) When does one need to put a fuse in on battery cables? Is it even when using 1 battery, or only 2 batteries and higher etc? Doesn't an inverter have sufficient protection to stop as soon as there is an overload? 2) I know it has been asked before, but haven't seen any recommendation of what/where to buy fuses from? Thanks!
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