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  1. Hi Guys Finally had some positive feedback from Delta SA offering some assistance on the Inverter part, If all else fails, then i could just add panels to it, I did hear your comment re the startup voltage, but mine managed to reach that without to much wind. SO I don't think that that was my issue. Will keep you guys posted, As for Tesup, I would stay well clear of them, both from a product, manufacturing and service point of view on the ATLAS 2. Cant speak for their other units thou. The design of the unit should work well, and i will be honest the smoke and mirrors o
  2. So after months of fighting it seems we are at a dead end. The Ema portal wants an distributor login, and i am an end user for that unit. After then saying, that i am not having any luck with the portal: Now i feel that if you resell something you make a markup, and that should cover client service, but i guess not in this case. So upon asking for a refund, i get this reply. I also wanted to point out that I never received a video with the power generation, nor an report, nor an manual, and the Labels were paper pasted on. So disappointed in
  3. So i have requested a refund from them for this, i guess the installation and time waisted on this is my school fees.
  4. So at the end of all of it, I may have ordered something from China, and hoped for the best, in my experience that has been a lot easier with returns, and service.
  5. So 6 months after the ticket was opened they refer me to the manufacturer of the inverter, and that I should RMA the unit myself. The process itself is layer upon layer of registrations, that don't have any flow or guide, i am still stuck with that process (just the registration) as it seems their portal is for Distributors, as an entire process, this has been a failure of note! Pathetic, and i will never recommend this company to anyone, from piss poor manufacturing to shocking service.
  6. Tesup finally came back and said that they agree the Grid Tie Inverter has an issue, But as yet, has not come forth with a resolution as to swapping it out or anything. The Experience so far is very poor. With no resolution in sight.
  7. The Response on 15 Dec for reference: Got another response today for reference:
  8. Started getting emails now that is asking me questions relating to my windspeed, and such, evetime you reply you have to go and open a new ticket, and upload a video, Albeit i have told them many times that its the grid tie inverter that does not spawn wifi to get configured. So it remains unconfigured, they have even wrote me on the 15th of December saying that they should have feedback soon, Its now almost been 3 months 0w generation.
  9. Still waiting on a resolution from them.
  10. Well the shocking thing is it’s a UK based company, haven’t had any luck with their local address or phone number.
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