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  1. Hi Cozy. I apologize if you didn't get the service you needed and will take up the issue with my support personnel. Do you recall who you spoke to? I specifically recall myself having a couple of long discussions with you where no bad attitude was expressed or implied. The only thing we still can't help you with is the programming of your inverters, as we simply can't be held liable if something goes wrong and you turn around saying "they did it". Please don't use a public forum such as this any further.
  2. Hi Tony, BAD IDEA!! I have done this in my lab, and it did not work out well. The interesting part is that both batteries have the same bulk and float voltages, so just connecting them is not an issue, but the moment one start to draw power from them, the power curves are different, and the one battery ends up charging the other one, because the BMS's are not connected and because the cells give power at different rates, so this causes drift between them, and by the second or third cycle the difference becomes apparent and if you measure it, one battery will always drain quicker than the other. Which one it is will depend on the age, load, etc of your specific setup, but that's what I found. Bottom line: With Lithium the BMS's of all of the batteries in the stack needs to communicate with each other. Failing that, bad stuff happens. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but over time definitely. Period
  3. Hi Cozy, Can you contact me personally so I can see if I can find anything wrong please? My details are on our website (https://centurionsolar.co.za/contact/) I just need the name of your Pi so I can log in and check it out. There are a few background processes running to help monitor your system. Firstly, the comms between the inverter and your Pi is monitored, as is the comms between the pylontechs and the Pi. Should any of those fail, a timeout process will kick in and if none respond within about 7 minutes, the pi will reboot itself in an attempt to re-establish comms. During this 7 minute timeout process, if it's pylontechs, the pi will also try to reset the comms to the batteries and reconnect to them, failing which it will reboot as a last resort. Then there is also the monitoring of the activity happening inside the program itself. Should there be no activity (ie the program hung for whatever reason), we will simply kill the process and start it again shortly after. From your description it sounds like this might be what you are experiencing. Either way, I'd like to check it out and as a valued client try my absolute best to help you. Unfortunately I am not Pylontech or Voltronics, so there are inherent hardware limits and disconnects I simply cannot get past, but I can try my absolute best to give you the best service I can and help you get the most out of what's humanly possible with the system you have ;).
  4. Hi Guys, This is what the dashboards look like when you purchase your Pi from Centurion Solar. Firstly, there is the Gauges dashboard, which looks just like the normal Dashboard2 interface: Axpert System: https://centurionsolar.co.za/emoncms8/dashboard/view&id=102 Grid Tied System: https://centurionsolar.co.za/emoncms/dashboard/view?id=1029 Then we have the Easy Dashboard, which is also available for the Grid Tied systems, but is more aimed at the Axperts and is meant for those that just want a quick glance without going into too much detail. This is typically the dashboard you will have on permanently for someone like your wife to check and see if there is enough power for things like ironing, washing, etc: https://centurionsolar.co.za/emoncms8/dashboard/view&id=103 Lastly we also have the Classic Dashboard, and this is where all the historical information about your system is stored since the day it came online. Every view has a live value, together with a graph that displays Day, Week, Month, Year or a date range, and can be selected by the client. You can also simply click on any portion of the graph and drag over the portion that makes sense and it will zoom in to show exactly what happened at that moment in time. This is great for fault finding, or if you are an installer, you can use this to see how much more energy your client still needs before being completely off-grid, etc. In a grid tied system, this also shows how much energy you pumped back into the grid, and how much of that was used at night, which is great! Axpert System (client is off-grid 99.8% of the time): https://centurionsolar.co.za/emoncms8/dashboard/view&id=104 Grid Tied System: https://centurionsolar.co.za/emoncms/dashboard/view&id=1031 Unfortunately as you all know there has been a separation, so any versions after 2.8.8 can no longer post to our website. This was done by iccsoftware for unknown reasons, but it is what it is. We continue to offer this (free of charge at the moment) to all of our existing and new clients. We don't entertain politics any more. Please contact me for more information. We don't entertain politics any more (please keep it off this amazing forum too), but we'd be glad to help where we can!
  5. Hi Sammy, if you like you can always put me in touch with the people that bring in Shoto batteries so that I can arrange for a demo unit, and I simply add it for you?
  6. Lol, If you purchase a Pi with a cable, the cable works out around R500 odd. It's only when purchased alone that it's so expensive...
  7. https://centurionsolar.co.za/shop/pylontech-cable/ I have one in stock, and can ship worldwide
  8. HI Oros, The Narada cable we make will give you the ability to see the batteries true SOC, voltage, cycles, amps in and out, SOH, etc. The issue is that Narada changed their protocol a number of times in the last few months and now most cables don't work any more as the software needs to be rewritten for that to work properly again. Having said that, with the whole corona thing going on, importing raw materials to make the cables is also a bit of a mission, but keep tabs on us at [email protected], and I will let you know the moment we have in stock again. We don't sell those cables directly to the public though, but we will gladly direct you to the reseller once we got them made up again Kind Regards
  9. Hi @MrB, would you mind getting in touch with me on [email protected] so that I can see if I can help you troubleshoot the issue? Most of the time it's something like a USB port on the inverter not resetting, or something to the likes of that, but we'd be glad to assist as soon as we can chat to each other Kind Regards
  10. HI Cozy, This will happen when your voltages and battery type is not properly configured. Feel free to order a Pi to monitor your system here: https://centurionsolar.co.za/shop/icc-onlypi-v2-kit/ From here you can then set all the correct values for it to stay in the proper mode, etc. We will help you with this as well ;). Kind Regards Johan
  11. Lol you are yes, although longer cables take a bit longer to make as I have to manually order the lenghts and make it for you, max 2m (otherwise it starts losing comms). Pop me a mail to [email protected] we can wakka wakka from there Have a good one, chat shortly!
  12. HI @0 |>\/\/3|<|<3Я, there are few alternatives yes, some free, but they lack things like historic information (making sure your system works over time), pylontech integration, and a host of other things, and albeit a bit of a biased view, I personally think that the extra stuff added makes it worth the money in my mind ;).
  13. Indeed it will yes, the only requirement really is that the US3000 be the master battery, other than that the protocol is virtually unaware of the battery it's talking to, as the internal comms on the different batteries will know when to switch of which one but keep the rest of the stack going, so it's all good from that perspective too
  14. I am glad to hear, that Paul, that's why it's there Enjoy your system and please let us know if you have any questions... I am not on the forums much but mail [email protected] and I will help as soon as I can. Have a goodie! Johan
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