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  1. Thank you Scoobs spoke to him last week he has no solution for me he doesn't deal with sinus filters.
  2. Hi all I need some help with the following setup I am looking at. A bit of history I have 16 320W panels wanted to use to power a solar pump controller to drive my 2.2KW three phase borehole pump. Pump is installed in the river works great with Eskom but is expensive. I installed the panels at my house to keep everything under eye because of theft. I bought a 2.2KW solar pump controller installed it and switched it on. I immediately had a E10 error, over current. Replaced the unit still had the same error. I started investigating and it seems the problem is my cable length from the solar drive to the pump. The cable is 550 meters long. With Eskom and pure sinus wave there is now problem and it works perfectly, not so much with a VFD which these solar pump controllers are. Long story short when you invest in these things common info like a long output cable is never mentioned and to rectify it i need a sinus filter after the output of the VFD. Some say it will not work others say it will and quote me around R16k for this filter double the price of the solar controller.. My question; I have a 8KW Sunsynk inverter installed with batteries separate essential DB etc. The Eskom feed to the house is three phase and this inverter is connected onto the red phase. Lets assume I can export surplus power. I notice a Solis 6KW three phase grid tied inverter for about R16k. Will it be possible to to install this inverter onto the same supply I have the Sunsynk on (in the same DB?) I could then power the pump from Eskom as it is setup currently but do so when the sun shines and say from 9h00 to 15h00 to use the benefit of the sun and the three phase grid tied inverter. Lets assume I can export any surplus from this inverter also. Is this possible? I installed the Sunsynk in June and looking back if I was aware of the negative impact long cables have on VSD I would have opted for a three phase hybrid unit. Thanks Stoney
  3. Hi any success? My experience is exactly as you described. Being going on for more than a year. Some days nothing.
  4. No it is not, it is strapped to perforated mesh from behind battery cabinet to inverter above.
  5. 25mm² single core low voltage cable is good for 125A in air 25mm² single core welding cable is good for 140A 100% duty cycle Consult the Aberdare low voltage catalogue. From this discussion it is advisable then to double up un the output cables for every bank of 4 batteries in parallel
  6. Sorry yes 200A I used the 50AH but 0.5C is 25A. No not long within 1.5 meters. Thanks for the replies all I have the answers I was looking for, I was under the impression the BMS limits to 100A irrespective of the amount but it seems it does not.
  7. Thank you, yes I understand that what I don't understand is if I have 8 in parallel according to the above the batteries will allow 400A. The connection cables are 25mm2 they will never handle that amps. What am I missing then? Do you get bigger cable sets to use? Do you wire them in banks of 4 and parallel the banks?
  8. Morning all, If I may chip in I also have a sunsynk pylontech question. Currently have 3 2.4kwh us2000 plus batteries connected to a infinisolar 4kw. Want to replace the infini with a 5kw sunsynk. I also want to increase the batteries (same type 2.4kwh). According to pylontech on the 2.4kw battery you can charge/discharge the battery at 25A with a maximum of 100A (4 batteries or 4800W). If I pair say 6 batteries according to my understanding the BMS will limit the current draw to 100A irrespective of the amount of batteries is this correct? Will the BMS also charge the bank to maximum of 100A? In other words will the BMS take over and only ask the inverter for the amps it wants? I want the extra batteries to supply by base load for longer I don't want to draw more than 100A from the bank.
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