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  1. Item Wanted: Pylontech US2000(B) Plus Packaging Essential: No Desired Age: Less than 2 years Location: Any Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes, will arrange collection Ballpark/Budget Amount: Depends… Hi All I require one more battery for my parallel system. I would prefer not to start mixing models if possible. Attach pictures are of my current batteries. Many thanks.
  2. Hi How/Where do you register the batteries for the extended warranty?
  3. Unused. VarioSole Hanger bolt M10 x 200 Wood Substructure x 16 Renusol Middle Clamp+ 31 - 51mm Silver x 12 Renusol End Clamp+ 30 - 50mm Silver x 4 R1000
  4. Hi All. I am trying my luck. Are there anybody who wants to upgrade to a bigger Victron VE.Can MPPT? I would like to add another pv array to my design on a different roof orientation. Kind regards Eaton
  5. Hi. I am interested in the battery if you are splitting.
  6. Hi fellow members I am in the process of buying a Goodwe GW3648D ES inverter. For now I will continue to use my silver calcium batteries. In future I would love to get 3 pylontech batteries. My current setup includes a 6 x 300w pv array. 2p3s. This will be reconfigured to 6s for the new inverter. What is the reviews regarding Goodwe inverters? Any advice would be appreciated Kind regards
  7. For sale is my backup setup as per the title. Inverter + MPPT are working 100% The prices is R8'5 neg which includes delivery. [email protected] Morning
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