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  1. Hi, If you can afford a rugged Toyota Land Cruiser, buy Victron. If you can only afford a Corolla, nothing wrong with a Voltronic solution. Just ensure it's installed properly and with quality search protection on both AC input and AC output. Axpert MKS, King and InfiniSolar series can parallel to expand or create three phase systems. The Segen Kodak branded King is available with comms to the Pylontech BMS. Rentech will also have their Oryx 5kW/5kVA with similar features and a direct comms interface to their Rentech LFP batteries available mid April.
  2. Hi Coulomb, No luck getting previous firmware versions to work in parallel with 74.30. None of these worked: 72.70c, 72.70 (original), 72.60A, 72.40. 72.70 also toggles between SL and nE with 0V output.
  3. Hi All! Still looging for Axpert MK5 PF1 firmware 74.30. Now have two PF1's running in parallel, master with 74.30 (and PV) and slave with 72.70c (no PV) and BYD 2nd life LFP EV batteries. Slave's input is 230V but output is however 0V with display toggling between "SL" and "nE". What does this mean? Some problem or no problem the load is less than what the master can service on it's own?
  4. Hi Coulomb & All, Where do I get 74.3 or higher to try on the 5kW PF 1 with 72.70c on the 4kW? Regards, Hannes
  5. I added a 5kW/5kVA Axpert PF1 (SOL-I-AX-5P) to my current SOL-I-AX-5M 4kW/5kVA installation. Finding the "tools" to update the firmware and firmware versions was a real mission. The Aussie AEVA forum (https://forums.aeva.asn.au) eventually provided useful info - hard to admit for a South-African ;-). Must say, it is very disappointing not to find this kind of resources on the OEM's website! (I assume one won't have that problem with SMA, Victron, etc.....?) My PF1 had firmware 74.30 installed. Couldn't get that anywhere. Only a older version or 2/3 MPPT units. Not sure if 74.30 has the pr
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