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  1. Thanks - Indeed it does help. Appreciate your advice and information as well as all the others before. Learning as I go along and this explains the families of panels! Regarding the original choice of panels I am restricted to 4m2 of panels due to the sectional title rules hence the two (at the time) largest wattage panels available. But as I said I need a third so going to stretch the rules a bit!!
  2. Thank Mike, appreciate the heads up. Steve from the Powerforum shop also advised the same and will hopefull get one of the 410W for me.
  3. Ja you would think!!!??? This is the list of outlets I tried. All had a 405W on their sites: Segen Solar Cape Solar Supplies (lekker oke but no stock, is keeping an eye out for me) Sonop Solar Tika Solar Mega Solar (also a lekker oke and super helpful!) ArtSolar GCSolar BKSolar Civic SolarWorld Rubicon PowerForum (Steve is going to help me out with a 410W when they arrive) Im really not sure who the major distributors are? Some of the above seem big, some small.
  4. I'm hoping that the site guru's can assist with a question around panels in parallel. I bought and installed a small simple system: EasySolar 16oo 24V Victron and 2 X JA Solar 405W panels to run a fridge and LED lighting in an off grid cottage. The system has worked extremely well from onset. But I find I need to add an additional panel to deal with a bit more load during daylight and when overcast. So the EasySolar has a PV Voltage limitation so the panels needed to be in Parallel. Now I need a third panel, I cant find a 405W JA Solar panel for love or money. It has been suggested that while
  5. I am desperately looking for a single JA Solar panel 405W JAM72S10-405/MR, (Mono PERC 144 half cell module). I need one more for a parallel array. Im in Cape Town and will collect.
  6. I am desperately looking for a single JA Solar panel 405W JAM72S10-405/MR, (Mono PERC 144 half cell module). I need one more for a parallel array. I have asked around with no luck so far. Any help would be gratefully received!!
  7. I just need one of these JA Solar 405W Mono MBB Percium Half-Cell Silver Frame MC4 - no special on these?
  8. An easy solution (but with a moderate cost outlay) is a cartridge filter system (a large industrial size not the small stuff for your RO kitchen system) and a ozone generator and pump for your storage tanks. Try Wassertec for the ozone system, but it costs some bucks! But will last indefinitely as they do commercial systems. last I looked water tanks for potable water are not permitted due to possible contamination if you have leaks
  9. I recently did a DIY off-grid install in my cottage in the bush. This includes: 2 x 405 w JAsolar panels (each connected with its own 6mm cabling to fusebox then to the Easysolar) in parallel Victron Easysolar 1600/24v/100/50 with dongle 2x 200Ah Gel batteries Battery balancer Keto Disconnect with 120A fuses Fuses x 4 @ 10A It incorporates PV fuses for each PV panel (fuses on each line so 2 per panel), a Keto disconnect for the batteries. The EasySolar Inverter incorporates a small AC distribution board with AC breakers and Earth Leakage breaker. I have 2 ea
  10. Clamps arrived from Lumax yesterday, look really robust.
  11. I can give you some experiences that I had recently with online retailers in setting up my small solar system: 1. www.dixonbatteries.co.za - I purchased my Victron Easysolar from them delivery was quick, and the price 50% less than anywhere else. I really appreciated their friendly service and would use them again in a flash. 2. www.setsolar.co.za – I purchased some batteries, KETO disconnectors, cabling and bits and bobs and very happy with the price. I did collect so hard to know what delivery would be like. It’s a bit out of the way for me in Epping but would def
  12. I bought mine from SetSolar but the price was way less than on their website!! Still cant work out from the .pdf how it is wired!!
  13. Hi Plonkster - Here I was all dressed funny waiting for advice! Thanks I really appreciate the input. When starting out you can read as much as you like (understanding about 50% of what you read) but nothing is more reassuring when you get the advice of someone who has real knowledge and experience. Regarding PV cable size, I have used a couple of online calculators and they seem to spit out 4mm2 for 20A. I was always going to use 6mm2 multi-stranded cable so I assume I will be ok? Thanks for the advise on the KETO and I will retain this. The EasySolar does have an earth le
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