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  1. Batteries more than 8 months together. Yes wiring etc all done correct
  2. Anybody here that have the latest firmware for the 3.5 Pylontechs. Bought a second battery about a year after the first one. After doing all the equalizing etc I can still see on ICC the one working harder than the other. I tried to contact the importer but they have not even replied to my mail. I was also promised the latest firmware from another person, but still did not receive anything. Thanks
  3. Hallo Pieter, soos jy kan sien is ek nie die slim persoon wat jou daai antwoord kan gee nie. Ek weet net dat jy nie die Pi met ICC hoef te gebruik nie maar tenminste moet jy 'n kommunikasie kabel tussen battery en Inverter insit. Wens die slim manne wil my nou ook kom vertel hoekom my een battery harder werk as die ander.
  4. So I got my second Pylontech 3.5 battery connected. Wonderful, enough capacity now to get us through the night until the sun starts to shine again. But I noticed on the ICC that battery nr2 seems to work harder than battery 1. Battery 1 is the master as it is the new one. When I tried to make the old one the master it did not work....got a red light on the battery. I also tried to EQUALIZE the two batteries by only connecting them together and let them settle until the lights went out on both. When both batteries reaches 100% the voltages are the same. Then we start using p
  5. I was looking at my ICC software and noticed that I have not seen a software update in a while. When bought it from ICC I dealt with a Johan chap. Currently I have 2.8.5. When I looked at the ICC website I see there is some new software but my ICC tells me I am running the LATEST version. Then I emailed ICC asking why my system does not update automatically anymore. This is the response got back : As jy op ICC website gekoop het en n order nommer het van ICC dan sal jy die vooreg he om te update Now how the hell do I have a system that is still working and now suddenly re
  6. Thank you Coulomb. Changing that little setting to be 2 Volt below the other FIXED my problem. System is running again like it should. Pity that these "SETTINGS" are not documented openly by the suppliers. I run it on Solar and Grid because I only have one battery currently and we are still in our rainy season. Once I have my second battery installed by November I will change this back to solar only. Thanks again.
  7. Remember I did the Kettle upgrade but killed an EXPERT as our South African Experts cannot take your firmware. It is looking OK for now. It was running OK for nearly a year when I went and adjusted some settings and got LOST... Old age is a bitch and scratching where you should not is a NO-NO.
  8. I now see the extra load that shot up to 4 kw. on this one, but the 10h00 did not go more than 2 kw. Will monitor now that I change that 47.5 to 46 volts
  9. Nope did not fix it. Put kettle on. Looked promising and then suddenly switched over to grid
  10. Nothing big..normal 1.5 to 2 kw. Look at last night graph...and this morning making coffee at 07h00. Again around 10h24. Load about 2 kw.
  11. I was scratching where I should not have and now I have the following issue. I think I have the settings back to where they were, but not sure. My battery is FULL. there is sun but as soon as the load picks up the inverter switches to grid. Axpert 5kw inverter. 1 x 3.5kW Pylontech battery. 9x 335 Watt panels Settings as per picture.
  12. so would your E2301 not work ? I see output could be 110 Volt DC E230I (800W) AVAILABLE IN 12, 24, 48, 110 AND 200 VDC
  13. But I am in the Western Cape....Cape of stoms.. haha
  14. Not really. Even if the sun is out, it is not producing 100% of the power. Trust me I have ICC running on a screen all day and I see the ups and downs as the clouds roll by. That is why IF you can find a wind generator that outputs roughly 100 volts at full speed you should be able to connect it as another string straight into the inverter. Even if the wind does not blow enough or constantly then you should be able to get SOME power out of the system.,...just to top up the batteries at night.
  15. I know the available ones generate AC. That is why I was wondering if one cannot get a DC 100 volt plus system. Surely then the Inverter will see it just as another DC source just like the PV input The PV also varies DC wise as the sun shines brighter or hides behind a cloud. I only want to supplement my existing system at night with the nice free Western Cape winds.
  16. Question to the people with knowledge... If one could get a wind generator that can do say 110 Volt DC output. Surely I could connect it as a 4th String straight into my Inverter. Already running 3 x 3 PV panels into the inverter. Then the MPPT charger in the inverter will do the work and see this wind generator input as just another PV source.
  17. The Pylontech battery unit has it's own charge controller build in. You simply connect it to the Axpert inverter and change some settings on the voltages. The Raspberry Pi that runs the ICC software make life easy to monitor and make changes to your Inverter setup, but you do not need this at all.
  18. Thanks Coulomb, So if I had my 9 panels in 3 sets of 3 to be under the original 145V input, I can now with the 450V unit put all 9 panels in SERIES and bring it down from the roof with 1 cable and not 3 anymore.
  19. Firmware is U1 71.50. But the Model Name is SOL-I-AX-5NB. Is this another clone or what ?
  20. Forgot to mention this. On ICC there is now a new block with stuff on the Inverter setting page. All to do with Battery equalization. Old one did not have that.
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