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    Jinko Solar

    Can I ask how to avoid this molds?
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    Jinko Solar

    Thank you for your suggestion.
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    Jinko Solar

    Hi All, Greetings! We have a solar project here in the Philippines, we used Jinko panels 335W which is less than a year installed in about 10 degrees inclination and has accumulated black smudge that looks like residue on the lower edge of the panels but did not penetrated the inside of the module (please see image below). We did a bit of rubbing with microfiber cloth, water and mild soap but can't take it out. The smudge disappears while the panel is wet, but is visible again after the panel has dried. Please help us how can we eliminate this residue. Appreciate answers. Thanks, Querobin
  4. @Jaco de Jongh 3 inverters, infini super 4k to be repair, ordered 3 dc board which we waited for 6 weeks, first inverter was working with the first dc board with supplies of AC, battery and PV, while the 2nd inverter with the 2nd dc board was not successful, the new dc board was destroyed, burnt upon supplying AC from the grid which means (transistor burnt out). 3rd inverter, upon replacing the dc and supplying with AC, there was a spark so we turned off immediately, removed the dc board and tried testing to the first inverter which is working fine and the dc board (3rd) is also working fine. From this actions, could you please help me with your diagnosis if what would be the problem. I really appreciate the help. Thanks, Querobin
  5. Thanks, appreciate it.
  6. DC board is 200$ US for each..
  7. Hi I'm back, I was able to replace the dc board and there are warnings flashing. Please see picture and I hope you can help me figure this out. The error is number 10 and 14. Appreciate the hand.
  8. @Coulomb Thank you for this information. Just to be clear, did you mean I will try to turn on the inverter using batteries above 25V? Thanks again.
  9. Sorry I can't get what you mean but the inverter doesn't turn on, totally off.. I appreciate your recommendations. Thanks
  10. Hi Guys, I have an axpert 3kVA installed in the house with 6 panels and 24V battery, when I tried to connect the air conditioner having 2hp, the inverter shutdown and it doesn't turn on again even in a perfect sunny day. Can someone help me with this? Thank you
  11. Hi Guys, I am having problem with SolarLog 2000 which we use in monitoring, Can Solar-Log 2000 supports SMA data manager? If yes, How?.. I hope someone could help me with this.. Thanks
  12. @Jaco de Jongh Situation: 3 inverters not working I tested the inverters via batteries and they turned on and the errors are both internal component failure but I tried to supply them with grid, then one inverter turned on while the other two didn't.. definitely for the inverter which turned on with grid, I would purchase the DC to DC board. what about the other two, is it the same? DC circuit board? can you help me? Thanks again
  13. Good day I have InfiniSolar Super 4kW which has an internal component failure and emailed voltronics for replacement, since they are out of warranty they wants us to purchase the parts but I need to identify the boards inside the inverter because we cannot afford to buy all parts( main board, communication board and dc to dc circuit board). I can't see it on the manual either. can you please help me..
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    Solar Log

    Hi Guys, We have a client site that is using Solar-Log 2000 for grid export control, the setting is 95% buffer but by our observations it is reducing active power to around 75%. Any advice as to how to resolve this? Another is, how can we download the hourly production and consumption on SOLARLOG portal? Thanks
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    Hi Guys, We have a client site that is using Solar-Log 2000 for grid export control, the setting is 95% buffer but by our observations it is reducing active power to around 75%. Any advice as to how to resolve this? Thanks
  16. I am having trouble with the physical and logical lay out of the inverters, 2 strings are missing.. What would be the possible troubleshoot?
  17. Do you happen to have the website or any information that I can reach them?
  18. Since migration of the portal service to the new SEMS site, the monitoring is now unavailable to our customers. How can I solve this?
  19. Thanks guys. I will try and get back to you if I have any problem in the future.
  20. Is it possible to swap SSD drive for this kind of computer?
  21. The laptop is so slow and I want to upgrade the hard drive. What would be the compatible hard drive for this computer to operate in a faster mode. Do I need to replace the battery?
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