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  1. I have recently seen a product called NuPower (the SR868C8Q CONTROLLER) which was suggested as the controller for an EV retrofit for a 200l existing geyser which I am looking to install. I have not heard of these before and wondered if anyone had used them and how they stacked up against Geyserwise which seems to be the more used product? The display seems to be pretty good as I am not a fan of the extremely bright and Geyserwise panel especially as you can't dim it - my last unit which was in my old house and bought about 5 or 6 years back eventually had a cardboard flap over it to dim it dow
  2. What should this sort of install cost? I have been quoted about R17k just for the retrofit and i think you can get a gas geyser for around R2,800 but then need the cylinders, certificate etc.
  3. Chris as someone about to install a system prob in the R180-250k mark, what SHOULD I be looking for? Very difficult to know what should be there and what is not necessary.
  4. So doing a bit more research I am now down to two options: Gas geyser for both main house and domestic quarters. Pro's is that it is not TOO expensive and is not reliant on Eskom at all and we will have instant hot water which does not run out. Con's is we don't know what the price of gas will do down the line (oh and I have to have gas to run it so may be an issue depending) Solar retrofit for main house and time for domestic quarters. Pro's is that it uses solar. Con's is that it is expensive (I've been quoted R17k to retrofit incl pump and timer), and ROI will likely be 3-
  5. From what everyone is saying it sounds like it may be a case of "goedkoop is duurkoop" and let the buyer beware.
  6. Apologies - I have been studying the actual CSV the guy who did the clamping supplied and as he included totals (not marked as such) my total daily and monthly totals were totally incorrect. Total average usage per day is actually 65kWh with both geysers using 17kWh and critical loads totaling 40kWh (16 during the day and 25 at night). On the night time usage it is 25kWh but this includes 3 x A/C's which seem to account for about 7kWh in total from 18:00 - 6:00 so more like 18kWh critical loads 24/7
  7. Thank you R - I was a bit unclear as I spoke about an average of 17kWh for both geysers per day (so 17x30 days = 510kWh p/m) and I then spoke about total usage of 156kWh per day which is 12%
  8. My current geysers don't have any sort of timer on them and the water is HOT. Are you suggesting my data is incorrect or that I should have much better control to reduce consumption?
  9. Thanks for the reply. The geyser is in fact about 10 years old and in my complex we are not allowed external geysers (estate rules) so not sure how this affects the info above?
  10. I am a newbie and have started down the path of trying to alleviate my 100% reliance on Eskom. One of the key components that almost everyone I have spoken to is to change the geyser from a standard electrical to one of the following: Retrofit solar Heat pump Gas I did an electrical audit and my main house geyser (4 people plus kitchen) uses about 12kWh per day and my domestics geyser uses 5kWh. This is off a total usage for my house of 159kWh (so about 11% of my entire consumption). With this in mind I had the idea of fitting a solar collector with Geyserwise control
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