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  1. Microcare 3kW 24V bi-directional inverter/charger for R9000. https://www.sustainable.co.za/microcare-3kw-24v-48v-bi-directional-inverter-charger.html Inverter is perfect working condition and moving to 48V hence need to upgrade to a 48V inverter/charger. PM me if you are interested.
  2. https://www.victronenergy.com/solar-charge-controllers/mppt-100-30 Bluesolar 100/50 MPPT used for R2500. Suitable for 12/24V batteries. Fully functioning moved to 48V so need have no more use for it. PM me if you are interested.
  3. Hager inverter protection DB used for R750. Consists of the following: - Hager VS112TJ surface mount DB 12-way opaque glass - Hager SVN121 green LED indicator lights x 3 - Hager SPT240 40A dual pole changeover switch - Hager NF132A 32A single pole breaker x 2
  4. Looking for a Victron 100/20 48V MPPT. Upgrading my system to 48V and need to change. Used or new please PM me.
  5. I have a 60A Microcare for sale that has been serviced by them and updated with the latest firmware to charge Lithium batteries as well as with the new circuit breakers etc. so its as good as new with the original box for R3000. PM me if you are interested.
  6. What specification are you looking for ? MPPTs are normally rated with the amount of solar power they can accept as well as the battery voltage that is supported.
  7. I assume this is a 24V system
  8. I assume its a 48V system ?
  9. Thanks for detailed response. Yes I was referring to the angle of inclination. I needed to move my panels off the roof for an insurance claim on the roof so I mounted them on my existing porch and they are currently flat and are seeing a big loss in production compared to the roof so was interested to know what you are getting.
  10. @Rikh Trust that the installation is going well. What is the power loss by having the panels installed on the porch and not on the roof ?
  11. Yes I still do you can PM me
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