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  1. Status Update At the end of a couple of weeks of testing various combinations of ICC versions on a Pi3 and a Pi2, with Debian Buster Operating system and with the Debian Stretch Operation system, I figured that the culprit was a SD Card with some sort of file corruption. On creating a new SD Card from the latest Pi4 image (with the Buster OS) to test on a Pi3, ICC immediately started to run smooth without any freezing problems. When testing the same on a Pi2, the same result as with the Pi3, no freezing. However the Pi2 struggled with the screen refresh rates of ICC on Buster OS. Don
  2. Not the cable, using a shielded USB external hard drive cable, Pi (Pi 2B) is update to date with the latest updates and I have restarted every-time when ICC hangs to clear any possible static charges that may accumulate. I'm sitting with my hands in my hair, can I pm you?
  3. Since I've done the version upgrade ICC is freezing randomly anywhere after 25H runtime, something I've never experienced with V2.996. I've looked up my upgrade path and have done an upgrade from 2.996 to 2.999, and on 2.999 I've experienced random freezing problems and rolled back to V2.996 Wolfandy, are you having any freezing or hanging problem with V2.99996?
  4. Update done, MPPT screen is now the same as yours and now showing "MPPT Tread Running" Thanks again. Never thought about a software update recently. ICC was running like clock work and my believe is not to fix something that isn't broken.
  5. Thanks for your reply, I see there is a version 2.99996 available. Currently on 2.996, Let me first run the update.
  6. Good day I am running ICC on a Raspberry monitoring an Axpert Inverter, Victron SmartShunt via a VE Direct to USB cable. These monitoring works like clock work. Yesterday evening, I have linked up a Victron Smart Solar MPPT 150/60 to my system and connected it up via a VE Direct to USB cable also to the Raspberry. On ICC "Victron MPPT" is on, "Add Victron MPPT PV to Total PV" is On, "Use external Victron Battery Monitor" is On. After restarting the Raspberry, ICC picked up the MPPT, showing the model, serial number, firmware version and battery voltage in the Victron MPPT t
  7. Shipping as separate shipments will be a killer but not as part of the same container
  8. Hallo everybody I'm reading a lot on this forum, but this is my first post. I'm planning to replace my AGM batteries with at least 12Kw lithium batteries from Bain Viljoen. I have 2 questions: First one is for Bain: What is the possibility of bringing 240ah or larger batteries in? I've looked at similar batteries with similar cycles and when I do the calculation (I'm an accountant) of price per ah in USD, the 240ah and 300ah batteries are cheaper per ah vs the price per ah for 120ah batteries. The second is open for anybody: Where can I get a piece of equipment to measure the D
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