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  1. So I would like to share my recent experience with ICC software and my Mercer inverter/solar system: I contacted Manie at ICCsoftware.co.za. My ICC software was version 2.8.5,.The new version being 4.1. I upgraded to the new software and after a few issues and help from Manie at 11pm in the evening, I was up and running. However, I still had freezing issues on the Pi3. So I bit the bullet and purchased a new Pi4 from Manie. Once again, with online assistance from Manie, the installation went smoothly. Touch wood, the problems have been solved - 23hrs no freezing!
  2. With solar assistance, can you make changes to the inverter like ICC?
  3. Hi, Perhaps someone can assist: I have 2 x Axpert inverters and 3 x Pylon batteries connected to my Pi running ICC. The display continuously hangs. If I reboot, it runs for a while and then display would freeze. The systems seems to be still working and the Pi responds to other commands, but he ICC display freezes. Sometimes it will start working and then freeze again. Is there a solution to this issue. This has been there since Day One.
  4. Apparently the "latest version" I'll need to check...
  5. Jaco de Jongh just helped me with updating the firmware on my two Mecer inverters. The voltage control on the battery charge seems correct now... Thank you Jaco for your time! Will definitely use you in the future! Anyone looking for excellent assistance on your solar, Jaco is your man!
  6. OK, I've been working with Centurion Solar with my Raspberry Pi. Have to say, great service from them! Yesterday they made some changes to the programming of the Pi (sorry beyond my limited understanding) and we reset all voltages to the Pylontech recommendations - 53.2V on both float and bulk charge then restarted the Pi. For the 2nd day in a row now, the batteries have reached full capacity and are well controlled by the inverters below the 53.2V setpoint! Really hoping this is the solution to my battery tripping issues!!!! Actual Solution - talk to the experts!
  7. Seems, there is less drama at 51.9V for bulk and 51.8V on float...
  8. I tried changing the BULK and FLOAT charge voltage to 57.2 V. Today it seems to be working... Let's see if this works long term on both inverters...
  9. Hi, Have you found a solution yet? I'm running 2 x Axpert inverters and 3 Pylontech batteries + 10 solar panels. Settings are at 53.2V for float and bulk charge via Raspberry Pi. Having the same issue...Batteries reach 100% and soon after, batteries shut down. I've watched the charge hit just passed 54V and then power trips as batteries go to alarm. Anyone know the solution?
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