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  1. I used the emoncms integration that comes with Hassio.
  2. I use home assistant femoncms sensor for this. I have setup an automation to play a notification on my alex enabled devices when Grid power is down on my inverter.
  3. I bought almost everything for my solar setup from Sola-shop.co.za. I was able to setup my system alone with advice from them.
  4. I was able to resolve this using another method. Thanks for your help.
  5. Thanks for your response. I tried the above, and I don't seem to be connecting to ICC. See my logs below. Log [12:42:31] INFO: Setup mosquitto configuration [12:42:31] WARNING: SSL not enabled - No valid certs found! [12:42:31] INFO: Found local users inside config [12:42:32] INFO: Initialize Hass.io Add-on services [12:42:32] INFO: Initialize Home Assistant discovery [12:42:32] INFO: Start Mosquitto daemon 1581072152: Loading config file /share/mosquitto/mosquitto.conf 1581072152: mosquitto version 1.6.3 starting 1581072152: Config loaded from /etc/mosquitto.conf. 158107
  6. Hi there vlan_one, what username and password did you use here? is it the ICC username/password? TIA.
  7. I was just wondering. Is South Africa not in Africa?
  8. Thanks, in upgrade and it installed ver. 2.9 but, it did not connect to the inverter even after several restarts. I downgraded to 2.8.8 before it could connect. I believe there is either a problem with the software or the inverter is faulty.
  9. Hi all, For some time now ICC Software says there is a new version for download. Problem is the new version is 2.8.5. I am currently on 2.8.8. Anyone seeing this as well? Also, for two days now, I have to restart ICC for my schedule to kick in, strange.
  10. I use a 6KVA pure sine wave UPS between my generator and inverter and that work just fine. Without the UPS, I experience the same problem as you.
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