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  1. Does anyone have any installation/configuration experience with one of these yet? A friend helped someone install one, but the battery is not charging and the manual is of zero help.
  2. I just tested this again with the steps below: Slave Inverter switched off (DC still connected) Slave AC Load disconnected Slave AC In disconnected Master switches to battery Master has AC input and AC icon visible.
  3. Hi Coulomb, I do have separate AC-in and AC-out breakers installed. I did this for the reason of being able to take one unit offline for maintenance. The master will still have AC in, but I will actually just verify that. The periodical checks will have to be every second as it almost immediately switches to battery. I still have to replace the master's battery cables, so will give this a test again. From the parallel guide it states that the AC-out neutrals need to be bonded. I have also bonded the AC-in neutrals on recommendation of an engineering friend of mine. I wonder if this could
  4. Hi, I did a search and cannot find the info I need. It might very well be that I am not searching for the correct question. I had difficulty in adding a title to this post that will make sense for the next person searching for this type of info. I have 2x Axpert MKS 5kva running in a single phase parallel configuration. I needed to change the battery cables of both units. I thought that I could just take one down at a time and all will be fine, but seems not. My shutdown process was to take down one unit at a time using the process below: 1. disconnect the PV 2. switch th
  5. I have tried to post to this topic twice on two different occasions. I can see the reply once posted, but when I return to the post, my reply is gone. If my replies somehow displays twice, I apologize. The last post I can see was from Tim Thursday 07/05/2020 @ 09:03. I would like to know if anyone has tested the Voltronic Docker in a parallel setup?
  6. I only saw this reply now! Does the integration with your current armed response company still work?
  7. I have read about this way of doing it. Sonoff also has a version like this. I though it was such an ingenious idea. After reading this I am glad I went with the normal Sonoff Touch versions. Luckily my house is from the 80's, way before they invented the lazy-man's cable where they don't use conduit. I have conduit everywhere and 'converting' a light to a Sonoff took no more than 10min, including pulling in a neutral. I hope the replacements give you a good service life. I have ordered at least two spare Sonoff Touches per type just in case. I can't see myself going back to clicky light
  8. The Axpert is lousy/useless at reporting SOC. I have checked this numerous times. The BMV will report a SOC of 98% and the Axpert will report 20-30% less depending on the load. You will see the best results when pairing the BMV and a control software with the Axpert. The control software will then use the BMV SOC reporting to control the Axpert.
  9. Hi, If you are using the midpoint measurement then I will assume you have the batteries in series? If so then I will take a stab and say that you will need a battery balancer (HA-01 at least) to balance your batteries and prevent the midpoint from deviating that much. I am sure someone else will be along to confirm this.
  10. I see that. The MKS was about R10600. You could reach out to them and ask. The stock code is: T0003900 for the ERS KING 5K.
  11. I bought an Axpert MKS from Voltex last week and at first they sent me a King in error. Voltex stocks them if you can’t find a second hand one...
  12. sorry for the assumption. if you are able to get onto a SSH terminal window of HASS, just issue the command ping and see if you get a reply.
  13. According to your ipconfig output this is your laptop IP and your router should be 0.1 for the wired network. Can you ping the Google DNS server from the pi?
  14. It seems your default gateway is incorrect. If your Pi is in . subnet then there is no way to get to Try and change your gateway to (or whatever your router IP Address is)
  15. Same here. I have had countless e-mails back and forth with Manie with in-depth info on the MQTT capabilities in order to integrate ICC with my home automation system. I have been able to get feed info from the iOS emoncms app without any charges. I also export to PVOutput. Manie is always willing to assist and I would prefer getting support from and supporting the source. Apart from that, ICC is the way to go. I think it's either Coulomb or Weber that made the comment about driving a car without a fuel gauge if you do not have a BMV in your system. The same goes for ICC. my 2c for w
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