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  1. The idea of 6s2p was canned and in turn I decided to sell all the solar panels and will be going with 9s 490w JA Solar Mono.
  2. Don't know if I need to make a new topic. Panels are up for grab at R24500 for all 14, equates to R1750 each. Would prefer to sell them all at once.
  3. Price I had in mind was about R1800/1850. Just waiting to find out about the cost for other panels I'm looking at
  4. What wil one be able to get for 1 year old Canadian solar 365w panels. I either have 2 panels available but depends on price there might be 14 available. Panels currently in use.
  5. Never checked with a clamp meter now that you mention it. Got the info from the inverter that pushes info via solpiplog(MQTT) to home assistant. The amperage that went to the batteries to charge it was high as well so I wasn't to skeptical about the values. Going to give 6s2p a tri and see what it does as soon as the panels become available.
  6. @tetrasectionyes sorry you are right. i swapped the 'p' and 's' around. What I saw on nice sunny days that the panels perform way better than one would expect so that is why I'm a bit cautious. On nice sunny days I hit 3438w and 11.7A from these 8 panels. So either I must just get one extra panel for 9s and save up for a 5/8Kw Sunsynk
  7. Hi everyone. Need a bit of advice please on the way forward with current install with the max amount of panels I can add. Currently the system is about a year old. Kodak OG 5.48, 8x Canadian 365w KuMax panels (8s) , 4.8kwh Shoto Lith. Specs on Inverter: Max PV 5KW, MPPT range 120-430 VDC, max VOC 500 VDC. Not 100% confirmed but max input current on one or two sites 18A Panels spec on 1000 W/m2: Pmax 365W, Vmp 39.8V, Imp 9.18A, Voc 47.2v, Isc 9.75A The system is running great, powering everything on essential side, stuff left on non-essential is geyser and oven (got a gas hob). Got a plan in mind for the geyser so thats why the question regarding more panels and helps a bit with overcast. A friend of mine who installed the same time as me and his panels are out of the same batch as mine is planning to change his 6 panels he has to 450w+ panels. At last I can get to the question. I'm thinking of taking over his panels and maybe running a 6p2s ( 4.38Kw 18.36A, VOC 283.2v) or 7p2s (5.1Kw, 18.36A, VOC 330.4v) configuration. but with the series config I'll be pushing the input current to 18.36. Any input will be much appreciated. roof real-estate is not a problem can accommodate parallel strings and is pointing 357 degrees (N) Thanks
  8. Have a Victron BlueSolar MPPT 150/35 charge controller that I'm contemplating on selling but don't realy know what I can expect to get for it. Its a few years old.
  9. What did you decide to go with @Biocide? Looking to get the same setup.
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