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  1. Hi everyone. I need to replace a Power Star IR6000W at one of my clients premises. It's a 6000W, 48V, Pure Sinwave, Low Frequency Inverter. They are also known as Skyking, Devel, etc. Can someone please tell me who the distributors are for them in SA? I also have a 10000W sitting in my garage with a popped CPU and would like to try to get a new mainboard for that unit if possible. Otherwise, if anyone knows what to use as a replacement (must be low frequency), I would appreciate the advice. Thanks.
  2. Morning everyone. Is there anyone here that sells refurb / second hand Axpert spares? I have a control board from an ACDC Dynamics unit that is shot. The main IC is shorted out. I'm also looking for a small transformer from a Mecer IVR-2400LBKS. The local transformer manufacturers say they can't make the transformers from the Axperts as they have an unusual core size. Adding to that I need an SPS transformer TX9 from an Axpert as well. I'm in Durban so local would be good so I can collect but I'll courier if need be. Thanks.
  3. Hi, nope sorry, the inverter is still lying here in the corner not working. I'm pretty sure it's a firmware issue. I need to find another unit like this and copy the firmware and see if that will work. The support for the Skyking is non existent in SA it seems.
  4. Thank you for the advice. I will try to get one directly from Victron.
  5. Hi Everyone. I also have a Skyking 10000W which is battling to start. When I apply the battery power, the LCD lights up and gives you all the info and the inverter LED starts flashing but I get no output voltage. Every 20 or 30 seconds or so you hear the transformer buzz and the fans start spinning for 2 or 3 seconds and the it dies again. Testing the output with my multi-meter, when this happens the output voltage rises to about 200V and then goes dead. Now I have tested all the components on the inverter board and everything tests okay. Long story short, I eventually replaced every single IC
  6. Hi everyone. I have a Victron Energy Easysolar MPPT 100/50 that blew due to a Gekko getting inside it and shorting the AC input. It blew a track off the board and seems to have blown the PCB transformer connected to it. My question is this. The transformer is primary 300V and secondary 16.4V. I can only get primary 230V & secondary 15V. Can I replace it with this spare? Does the extra 1.4V matter too much?
  7. Thanks Richard I'm going to go and buy 4 Rubicon (2000hrs) caps from Mantech this morning just to test if thats all thats wrong with the inverter. I will order 10000 hours caps from RS on Monday once I know if that is all I need. Thank you for the help.
  8. Thank you very much Coulomb. Most appreciated...
  9. Hi everyone. I'm pretty new to inverter repair. I have a Firestar (Voltronic from what I can work out) 3000VA 24V inverter that someone kindly connected 48v batteries to. They popped the main capacitors on the inverter. There are 4 of them. They are 4200uf 35V electrolytic caps, which are not available locally as far as I can find. Can I replace them with 4700uF 35V caps available locally? Or maybe 3900uF? Any advise?
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