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  1. Looks like I found the issue, sensing cables 2 and 4 were switched around and thus the Daly would not let charge through.
  2. Thanks @Gerlach! Yes Bayn cells indeed! Both are charging. Checked every battery, all the same voltage. Checked with a thermometer for hot connections. In the pic below I get the difference in voltage between the pack (2) and bus bars (1) so right on either side of the BMS.
  3. Hello members, hope everyone is healthy and coping with lock-down. I built a 2P16S 48v LiefPO4 battery pack with Daly 16S 48V 200A common ground BMS. They are connected to two Voltronic clone 4000W inverters in parallel. Inverter saying 55v on the panel while its charging and measuring 55v at DC terminals on inverter. At the battery pack I am only reading 52.2v and cannot get the pack to charge up higher than that. Do you think the BMS is trying to "protect" and limit charging? Here is a short clip showing the system:
  4. Mine has no issue running down. The Daly does not have any output to a screen etc. I use a Cellmeter 8 to view details on each cell.
  5. @Coulomb thanks for the input! System is 8S 120AH LifePO4 from Lithium Batteries SA and a Daly 24V 8S BMS. They seem to charge good and discharge good as well. Had a couple of good cycles this week. Wanted to get them to 3.6v for the BMS to initiate balancing.
  6. Hi Guys Looks like I am in the same boat. Cannot get past 27.5 with bulk. Tried to set the float to 24 here to see what happens but you can see it hit a wall with bulk then switching over to float even though bulk was set to 29.2: Video


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