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  1. Thank you for your reply and clearing up that the connection to my two pole three position switch before the inverter must not go through the RCB. My intention is to have only two of my plug sockets circuits and lights working through the inverter. The two pole three position is to allow me to disconnect the inverter should I have a problem. And for the house then to operate as normal as if the inverter never existed. Please see the attached diagram. Many thanks inverter plus 3way switch wiring.odg
  2. Good Day all.. My question is : Should the input to the Axpert 3kva king inverter be wired through the house's Earth leakage unit/switch or should it be wired in the same way as my geyser and stove,which do not go through earth leakage unit/switch. Many thanks
  3. Please see attached diagram. What size wire would you recommend from the db board to the change over switch and from the change over switch to the inverter. Does the Hager SFT240 switch break before it make contact again.. many thanks GordonT
  4. Thank You...... Now i am on board with what you are saying. The extra change over switch is a must.. from an ease of operation and a safety point as well.. Thank you really appreciated Gordon T
  5. Thanks for the replies... Not sure if i worded my question correctly....... Lets say I wish to use only the Lights circuit on my db board as it normally does grid is working. Then when the grid power is off. I would like to have my inverter use that same Lights circuit that is on my Db Board, without the inverter feeding power back to my electricity meter. My Question is how would this connection be made. Many Thanks G
  6. Thank you Achmat for your reply... If I am understanding your reply correctly it seems that my whole house will then be set to run off the inverter...As my inverter is only a 3kva inverter this would be a problem. Really what I aim to try and do is have my lights and about three plugs which are on the same circuit breaker work when the power comes from the inverter.. Without having to run round switching off appliances ...Thanks
  7. Good day all .... Please can someone explain to me how the inverter output power is connected to an existing house circuit so that the inverters power does not feed back to the utility. What I am looking to achieve is to use the house circuits as normal when the grid is working and then use the same circuits when the inverter is supplying the power. Thanks in advance
  8. Is the problem you are having not with the installation of the unit to the grid.... if the output of the inverter is connected to the circuit breakers in the main DB board incorrectly this would feed back power to the grid.. Just a thought
  9. A huge big fat thank you to all that replied to my topic very much appreciated Gordon T
  10. Thank you for your reply.... The Inverter is Axpert 3kva 24 volt King inverter. The man definitely said to have a fuse on each end of the cable which to me makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.. I can accept one correct rated fuse but just cannot see the point of two fuses
  11. Question 1 I have just been told that I need to have two fuses on a one and a half metre long battery to inverter cable. One where the cable connects to the Inverter and the other at the battery connection... ??????? Question 2 I cannot use a 2.5 Four core and earth Surfix cable.... two wires from the DB Board to the Inverter and the other two wires from back from the Inverter to the DB board and a common earth... ????? On both of these two questions i cannot understand the reasoning please some kind person help me.. Thanks GordonT
  12. Thank you that is very interesting about the db board cover plastic clip would never have thought to ask for the clip... thanks again..
  13. Thank you ... Building a new Db board without a major renovation is just not possible. I would like to do that but with a prepaid meter and getting council involved That becomes a hold new can of worms... Thanks Anyway GordonT
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