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  1. Wild guess, maybe the fan bearings are on the way out?
  2. Victron are typically pretty good with their documentation, this is the best I could find https://www.victronenergy.com/live/multiplus_faq Not sure if generators differ a lot from region to region, probably best to follow the instructions there are chat to a local dealer on some recommendations. What inverter do you currently have? Maybe that'll point someone to this thread with a similar setup to yours.
  3. Had similar issues, when a larger load/appliance switches on or off it'll still feedback back a little bit into the grid. On Victron systems you try and compensate for this by setting a grid setpoint, mine's currently on 50W and hardly feeds back. Saying that, I had my meter replaced not too long ago. I logged a fault with the CoCT, they arrived an hour later and I just asked the guy to replace the meter. No issues since. Ultimately the fix is to register as an SSEG though. Do you have any settings on your inverter to constantly pull a certain amount from the grid?
  4. I'm assuming the prepaid meter is tripping because the inverter is feeding back into the grid - have you checked your settings? Not familiar with the setup you have so not really sure where to start there. Where abouts are you based? In CPT there are different options to feed back, not feed back etc into the grid.
  5. Welcome to the forum! Similar thread here I can't talk much to Growatt, I can say that I'm very happy with my Victron setup. Yes it's more expensive, but it does everything I want as simply as I want, or as complicated as I want. They really are great systems, but buy what you can afford. Maybe we can point you in a better direction if you tell us what you're wanting to achieve with the system, are you wanting to be off-grid completely? Just have a battery backup system? What are your loads like? I recently got a Pylontech battery, very happy with it. Don't think Vi
  6. Blog is out from Victron on this, found a few interesting bits https://www.victronenergy.com/blog/2020/09/28/new-dashboard-launched-for-vrm/
  7. Can't seem to edit the post, shipping will be considered - buyer arranges the courier. Will package safely.
  8. Item: MECER HYBRID 5000VA / 5000W Hybrid Pure Sine Wave Inverter with Charger Age: 18 months, purchased in March 2019. MPPT controller board replaced by Mecer in Feb 2020. Price: R6000 Warranty: No Packaging: No Condition: Great. PM for pictures. MPPT controller board replaced, no issues after that Location: Cape Town Reason: Upgraded to a SunSynk Shipping: No Collection: Collection only. Durbanville, Cape Town
  9. I want this new look on my Venus immediately, it looks awesome! The main page has everything you need, very cool update.
  10. Item: Victron VE.Direct to USB interface Age: 4 months Price: R250 Warranty: No Packaging: No, can package for shipping Condition: Excellent Location: Cape Town Reason: No longer need it Shipping: Yes, on you Collection: Yes Link: https://www.victronenergy.com/accessories/ve-direct-to-usb-interface
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