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  1. You've been beyond helpful, thank you so much! The BMV currently has default settings outside of the banks capacity, granted it's at new which should be 210AH according to Deltec. I didn't sync it correctly the first time, did a factory reset and think I got it right. Voltage is still on the floor. These batteries have probably been through hell, I can try and set the BMV capacity to 100AH, but I'd prefer to have a working system for a few years. A volt meter has been on my "to buy" list for a while, but it'll probably just frustrated me when I inevitably find a weak/dying battery Maybe the idea of getting new batteries is burning a hole in my pocket, should I get replacement AGM batteries and worry about this all again in a few years or buy a small Lithium battery and build that up?
  2. Victron inverter, MPPT and BMV all installed and humming along nicely. Taken a few days to test things out and I'm happy with everything, with the exception of the batteries. After having 3 of the 8 switched out (turns out two were AGMs and the other six sealed lead acid, same brand but different model) I'm moving on from the installer. The BMV reports 90% SOC on, what should be a 200AH 48V bank, but the voltages are way down at 47V. I honestly don't know what to look for on the wiring side, but I'm at the end of my tether having battled with this for the last 6 months. I'm not sure how to fix this, or if I should just cut my losses and buy new batteries. What do you guys think? Weighing up the options, and finances, I can't afford to get a Lithium bank the size that I want, and I probably can't afford the recommended two Pylontech's on my Multiplus II. Should I purchase 4x new AGMs to wire up while I save another 9-12 months for a proper Lithium setup?
  3. Cheers plonkster, I'll add it onto my to do list System show off happening soon, hopefully.
  4. After a long and frustrating journey with my initial installer, I thought I could finally put thing behind me and move on. I've now found a reputable installer and happy to talk to them soon, but I'm also interested in this stuff and understanding how it works. Had a poke around the system this morning and had some questions that I can't seem to find a definitive answer for. I think. Currently my MPPT and battery banks are wired into the Multiplus II, directly onto the DC + and -. From Victron documentation it looks like the preferred way is to wire these into a DC bus or DC distribution? My wording may be off. I've included a picture below of what it currently looks like. While some batteries were tested and replaced, SOC from the BMV as well as the voltage is all over the place so I'm strongly considering replacing them with Pylontech, but obviously want to have everything ready for that swap out.
  5. I'll add my +1 here, I had it working with my Axpert 3kVa with a Victron MPPT, just no Raspberry Pi - thanks to advice from @wolfandy over on one of my threads. Setting the Axpert to SBU worked like a charm, my inverter seemed happier without having to worry about MPPT. It also allows for greater expandablilty in the future. Ultimately I opted for the Multiplus II, no looking back.
  6. Also recently converted to a Multiplus II so did a bit of digging, not sure if this post helps at all? https://community.victronenergy.com/questions/16699/multiplus-ii-ac-out-2.html?childToView=16705#answer-16705 Any hints as to how essential loads are powered from VenusOS? I would imagine that it would work similar to other inverters where the battery makes up for anything that solar can't produce.
  7. So this kind of went down a rabbit hole, and with lock down hasn't given me much else to obsess about. With the batteries now finally sorted out and performing as they should, it gave me a good few weeks to look at the system as a whole. What started out as a perfectly decent loadshedding backup solution has turned into a bit of a pet project. While I think the Axpert has been great for the loadshedding solution it hasn't performed very well (and I admit that the installation, battery and solar issues from the installers point of view have soured things a bit) I looked at the longer terms goals and wasn't comfortable with what the Axpert offered: 12 month warranty Limited expandability After a lot of thought and being very impressed with the 150V/70A MPPT from Victron and BMV-712 on the way, I've decided to take the plunge to the Blue team and get the MultiPlus II 3kVa inverter. I'm hoping it'll be installed some time this weekend - new thread with some pictures coming soon I decided to upgrade from a 24V system for better lithium battery support in the future, which is the next to upgrade on the list. I'm keeping my 8 AGMs for now and just wiring them up into 2x 48V banks. Huge thanks again for everyone involved in this thread, it's been hugely helpful. Excited to be part of the forum! Thanks again for your help on this, it's nudged me in the right direct to get things setup. You're right, it wouldn't but the VRM monitoring from Victron appealed to me. And I like tinkering with Raspberry Pi's to see what they can achieve Ultimately that, and this thread, has cost me a lot of money. I'll PM everyone invoices who contributed to the Blue movement
  8. I have the same model, made by Synapse, not sure if that makes too much of a difference. I monitor the inverter 24/7 with a USB cable and pipe data into InfluxDB. A few times a day I'll get a comms error, the inverter is probably busy and has better things to do. So the connection seems far from perfect. Off the top of my head it might be your comms board that's not doing too well. Have you tried another cable?
  9. What inverter and batteries do you plan on monitoring? I'd take a look at ICC - https://iccsoftware.co.za/
  10. Finally, Victron 150/70 MPPT controller installed with one of the batteries replaced. PV output has already touched 950W under load and has the batteries at float, will testing the battery charge tonight - fingers crossed there. Overall I'm happy with the setup, BMV is on back order. I realised when playing around with the settings there's no way to set the Axpert to use the batteries, and therefore PV, without having PV wired into the Axpert. @wolfandy I see you mentioned earlier in the thread that you've got this setup, how have you achieved switching between PV and using Eskom?
  11. I tried installing something similar for my folks and the experience was pretty poor. It's far more reliable, potentially even cheaper, to run ethernet. CAT5E and an AP hooked onto that should be a reliable solution. If you're looking for a scalable solution you can check out mesh networks too, essentially uses a bunch of wireless access points that connect to each other.
  12. Quick update, I'm using the opportunity to slowly move things over to Victron. I have a 150/70 MPPT controller on the way along with a BMV-712. I have a spare Pi that'll be used to run VenusOS. A replacement inverter for the Axpert will happen a little down the line. For now the priority is getting the full potential out of these panels and proper battery monitoring in place. Unfortunately it seems like the full month (plus a few days) of running the system incorrectly seems to have shot the batteries entirely. I can barely squeeze 2 hours out of a 200aH bank and that's with the inverter screaming about low voltage. Fingers crossed the batteries can be replaced.
  13. Welcome to the forums! I believe I had a similar setup to your from Geewiz, it was a Must inverter and definitely a clone. I wasn't too concerned about solar for mine but when I sold it I'm not sure it actually had an option for MPPT. May be well off, but maybe post some pics of the bottom of the inverter too?
  14. Welcome to the forum It might help posting your inverter settings, I'd imagine 12,13,26,27 and 29 would be a good start. Not sure about these batteries, but is there a cable hooked up to the inverter?
  15. Wow OK, so your panels are 85W less for each panel but you generate that much? I'm no where near that. I need to read up more on solar panels... I'm totally lost.


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