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  1. @[email protected] Mackay - thanks for the replies. I disconnected the additional battery (so in theory, I was back to the last working setup with no nuisance tripping)... and EL sadly tripped again within the first 15 minutes. So it's probably in the category of dumb coincidence - will let the sparky have a proper look
  2. Possibly a totally newbie question but can adding an additional Lithium battery to an inverter setup start causing intermittent earth leakage trips. Added a 3rd 3.5Kw Pylontech battery to a 5KW Axpert King and have been experiencing intermittent EL trips every few hours about a day or so after the install - would appreciate any insight as to what I should check.. thanks!
  3. Thanks @coulomb - yep, I did read your earlier post about the PL2303 chip - the cable I have is a Mecer cable with this chip (and I've installed the latest driver). Perhaps it's the screen that's faulty as I've tried a couple of different cables and PCs with the same issue since my last post. Do you know if the screen and bluetooth firmware resides in the display unit or in the main inverter body? I'm hoping I can just take the screen in and get it reflashed by the supplier - they can just replace the screen in case that's what's faulty.
  4. I upgraded to 71.92 using the USB cable - struggling to get the screen upgrade to 2.49 working with the RS232-USB cable - the COM port successfully opens in the screen reflash software (COM3, or COM4/ COM6 on other USB ports on Windows 7 PC) but then get a "Connect Fail" message before it actually gets to start the update. FYI, watchpower doesn't seem to work with my RS232-USB cable either - it sees the assigned COM port in the scanning but it doesn't seem to connect to the King. I've tried uninstalling Watchpower altogether, turning off Norton antivirus and firewall in case those were bl
  5. Hi ... I've upgraded to 71.92 on the Axpert King 5Kva and the 1 hour switch from SBU (or SUB) to USB at midnight for an hour still persists. I'm running on SBL UCB for charging source priority.
  6. Thanks very much for that - looks like quite a big jump from 2.00 to 2.49 for the screen so I'll try to get it from the supplier. Thanks again!
  7. Thanks very much @Coulomb - I appreciate it! The original COM port that was assigned was 13 so will try your suggestion above. I've searched around for the latest display/ bluetooth firmware update for the King 5Kva on this site as well as the AEVA forums but have not been able to locate it - please let me know where I might find it? Thanks again!
  8. @Coulomb - On an Axpert King 5Kva, does the main firmware upgrade (e.g. from 71.90 to 71.92) include the upgrade for the display unit/ bluetooth or is a separate upgrade required for these? No COM ports seem to be turning up on the flash tool dropdown so I can initiate the update (PC connected to inverter using RS232-USB connector - I can see it in the Windows 7 device manager but it's not coming up on the flash tool - or on Watchpower for that matter) - any suggestions as to what I might try please? Thanks
  9. @Wilfred - may I ask what firmware versions you're on please. My King 5Kva with 2x 3.5Kw Pylontech batteries and 12x330W panels set up has the following: U1 - 71.90 U2 - 01.21 U3 - 00.21 U4 - 01.10 I'm running on Auto mode, with SBL UCB charging source priority and experiencing something similar in that just after midnight the King seems to automatically switch to USB for output source priority (from SUB). If I change it back to SUB or SBU thereafter it stays but I need to do this manually. @overdrive - is the 71.92 firmware upgrade running as expected, or have yo
  10. For those having Bluetooth connection issues with Axpert King inverters and Watchpower on Android, make sure you have location turned on your mobile device, and that the watchpower app has the location/ gps permission allowed - a dodgy permission to be required imo but it seems to be essential to get the bluetooth connection working. Does anyone know if the screen firmware has an impact on what you can see on the Watchpower App? I had a faulty screen swapped out and now I have very few changeable parameters in the battery settings via bluetooth.
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