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  1. Hi @Youda and @Jaco de Jongh, Thank you for the feedback. @Youda I have confirmed with regards to your point 3 made above. I have turned of the slave inverter (which is the one running at full / over capacity) and the power stays on. The Master unit then takes over seamlessly. As soon as I turn on the Slave unit, it reverts back to the previous state where it can audibly heard working harder and produces more much more AC output than the Master unit. Please refer to the pictures of the installation. I further note that the firmware is on v1. Could this make a difference and if so, where do I get new firmware?
  2. Good day to all, I'm new to solar and recently had a solar power system installed. I have 2 x Infinisolar Super 4 KW inverters, 4 x Pylontech US3000 LiItheum batteries. There are 24 x 320W PV panels mounted on my roof in 2 arrays of 12 each connected to each inverter. I have 2 PI's running the latest ICC software connected to each inverter and configured by ICC remotely. The installer and I have checked to ensure that the parallel communication cables and current sharing cables are installed correct. To this end we have studied the manuals and this and other forums to make sure that the installation is 100% correct. My problem is that the Slave inverter runs at almost full capacity whereas the Master inverter runs at 2 - 3% capacity in terms of AC output. How do I get the inverters to produce more or less the same AC output? I do not have SNMP or Modbus cards installed in the inverters. Could this be to the incorrect start-up procedure? Does someone have the correct startup procedure or is the problem something else?
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