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  1. hi All, the inverter seems all fine.. until the AC input drops off.. then the WR warning is shown and seconds later the inverter shuts down... I downloaded the latest solar power app and saw that it is an Over Temp Fault.. (see pics below) - is there anything that can be done about this? or is it game-over...? much appreciated Stephan
  2. yes, I have a 3phase supply.. and didn't want to go for a 3phase inverter or 3x whatever inverter can link together per phase... hence I only have on my inverter: - all my lights - Fridge/freezer combo in kitchen - Box freezer in garage - TV (because we have to watch the loadshedding warnings! ;-) ) - Study (internet etc) The setup we want is exactly so we can utilize the "extra" solar for the remainder of the house loads as well...
  3. Hmmm... I missed that.... let's see that we can find out... (other whether we can find the Modbus card II manual.
  4. that's the point... we DON'T want to feed into the grid, but we DO want to feed the rest of the house that is NOT running through the inverter's load output... i.e. make your Eskom bill a lot less, and thus maximizing the Solar investment you made.... ;-)
  5. thanks Mike... I also don't like the ESP's manual switch! Now if ONLY they would give those infini's an extra CT input... so we can still push max generated PV into the remainder of the house load, *BUT* without feeding back into the Munic grid...
  6. oh Quite contraire... more like what the infini can do, but also no quite... Axpert: cannot Grid-Tie, i.e. cannot feed any energy back into the Grid Infini: can Grid-Tie, i.e. feed back into the grid, but you can ONLY control whether it feeds back to the grid or not...not how much... so if your infini itself is drawing 1kW, and the rest of your house is drawing 2.5kW, then your house has a total draw of 3.5kW... if at that time you are generating 3kW of PV then your house will still import 0.5kW from the Grid... and all is good... but if your house load now drops to say 1.5kw and your infini to 0.5kW.. your total load is 2kW, but you are generating 3kW PV, so 1kW will be exported to the Grid... - which is what we don't want... Solax: is like the infini, but has an CT right at the extra right at the DB/meter.. so you can set THAT meter to not feedback... hence the Solax will still push PV energy into your house grid, but can be set to make sure you don't export to the Munic grid (beyond your meter)
  7. I used a serial port monitor and connected to SolarPower through the serial port and logged the data. interesting is that the command does not have a checksum/CRC at all... only the response has... I tried to post the complete log... always good to have an original reference. but I got the "Post too long" error... Later I'll isolate them into individual commands.. Port opened by process "javaw.exe" (PID: 2284) Request: 10/4/2015 2:30:14 PM.27064 (+0.0020 seconds) 51 50 49 0D QPI. Answer: 10/4/2015 2:30:14 PM.33264 (+0.0596 seconds) 28 50 49 31 36 9C AF 0D (PI16
  8. hi Mike, may I ask why you returned yours? best Stephan
  9. This is one of those typical time issues.. If I have to wait for myself to get it done... I still won't have PV when the cows come home... Some years ago my wife and I were in Montague for a weekend... there was a Saturday market... And one of those stands was selling those cute bird feeders (Some wire, a bottle and a spout)... and the sign next to it said: "Yes, I know your husband can make one... but when?" I work in S/West and popped into Exsolar, and they let slip that they don't do installs either - they make use of 3rd party installers... I've seen their installations and am quite impressed.. Those are typically the guys that I'm looking for...
  10. hi All, I'm based in Kuilsriver and have a inverter/battery setup, but I'm looking to add a 3kW PV installation to my setup... I have a tile roof and I'm looking for a GOOD/Reliable PV installer... (I can source my own panels) Any recommendations are welcomed! best Stephan
  11. the SolaX inverters seem pretty cool.... http://solaxpower.com/ What I like about them is that they are a sort-of Grid-Tie, supplying your house load. This means the inverter sits in parallel to the load, and not all the load is driven through the inverter... So no matter how much load your house has, what you have as excess PV energy is pumped into your house load... that means the inverter does not have to be rated at your house load.. It then also and EPS that will feed the Emergency circuits when the Grid drops... Unfortunately this seems to be a physical device switch from what I can tell.. apparently takes about 5 seconds, so your load will still have a short blackout... are there any other Grid-Tie (with backup) devices available in ZA, for which one can set Zero Export to Grid? What I see as my optimum solution is a Grid-Tie that I can select zero grid export, and a 3kW inverter (typically an Axpert should do) that drives my Emergency loads... I currently have an infini3k but don't know of a way that one can limit the Grid-export to zero BUT still export to your house Grid... (i.e. the loads house side of the DB) - i don't think infini caters for this... best Stephan
  12. in order to try and get to better numbers for my Discharge limits, I decided to do a discharge test... just a quick recap: setup: infini3kP with 4x 200Ah Sonic Gel batteries. load: all house lights, some house appliances like Fridge/freezer, TV, internet etc. purchased and hooked up a Victron BVM-700, configured for 200Ah batteries.. Grid supply OFF.. and here we go! the Yellow are the values I got from the BVM700, the green just the Battery voltage read off the inverter LCD, and the blue are the values from the SolarPower app. (Some values I didn't log right from the beginning) Here is a graph of the BVM700 info: Note1: I scaled the Battery power by a factor 10 for better visualisation... (as you can see the average Battery power was around 772W, compared to the average load power of 674W) And for interest sake, I thought to look at the difference between what the Inverter is measuring vs. what the BVM700 is measuring: There's about a 0.5V to 0.6V difference... From the above I think I'll set the "Battery cut-off discharging voltage when Grid is unavailable" to 48.0V, or maybe 47.9V for that matter... Any thoughts/help appreciated? Once I've got automated logging going (wink-wink), I'll do some more discharge logs at different loads - one lower and one greater...
  13. Who is Pete? ;-) Edmund what unit do you have? My preference is still to have a little device that will read all the info and post it to the cloud.. then you can keep an eye on it from anywhere and use what ever device pleases you... of course that would mean that you need internet access at your home.. but I guess we can (almost) take that for granted...
  14. Come on Izak, write us some python code for our infini's... ;-)
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