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  1. I have seen victron. where can l get Solis/ SMA or Fronius
  2. Is sunsynk an axpert type? l know Mecer, Kodak, RCT just to name a few, are Axpert types.
  3. Where can l get a 40kVA 3 phase inverter or any suggestions regarding any 3 phase inverters.
  4. Can l get this discharge information from the battery data sheet?
  5. So during the day the inverter is using the solar and not the battery.
  6. Hi l did my own system using Mecer 5kVA, 8 mono panels 330W each panel then 2 panels in series then 4 strings in parallel. So far l have 1 Li-On battery 2.4kW. The system is also connected to eskom. set solar as 1st priority. Can l use a washing machine, l think it’s 2kW, pool pump 1kW, microwave 2.2kW and Iron 2kW on This system during load shedding during the day? Won’t use all appliances at once to avoid overloading the inverter. currently the socket outlets for microwave, washing machine, iron, & pool pump are direct to eskom.
  7. I don’t have the datasheet with me. wanna know the max number of solar panels that l can connect to the Mecer 5kVA. l have access to 370W mono solar panels 40V. planning an offgrid system since there is no electricity on this farm.
  8. Hi. On the Mecer 5kVA - what’s the setting to prioritize it to bypass to solar during the day or when there is enough sun and to bypass to eskom when there is no sun or at night. l have 6 panels of 370W each. 3 in series giving 120V and the other 3 in series again then the 2 sets in parallel. 1 x 3.6kWh battery so far. system connected and working fine. just need help with the settings.
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