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  1. Exactly! Thanks so much, these two parts were burn. A Valencian technician repared it and works fine again.
  2. Hello to everyone, my quite new small inverter-charger VX-3 3K-40ª doesn´t run anymore after a short overconsumption, trying to run a demanding tool. I tried to start a tool that takes a big demand just at the start, my bio-chipper of 1kva, but after three beeps went off forever. This chipper usually needs to do few short runs in order to get all the required revolutions to chip stuff properly. When I start it I switch it on until i hear a couple of beeps, after trying 2 or 3 short go gets the terminal revolutions and works superfine for hours without any beep. I have cheched the battery status after all and it's continuously 24.3v, even when I try to switch the inverter on. The inverter display doesn´t do anything, no beeps nor sign at all. I have opened the inverter but I haven´t seen any burnt or broken part, it doesn´t smell either. Do you know if there are any fuses that I could check or other missing interesting things that I could try? Thanks so much for your assistance, this forum is incredible. Luis from the Resilience Centre of Mallorca
  3. After reading your post, I tried with another comms board from another Inverter that I had at home. I checked and the two internal connections were the same, so I've tried but unfortunately doesn´t work. Also, I had checked the yellow film around the original comms board transformer and it looks good, however, the hot summer temps could likely overheat anything.
  4. Excellent, thanks for all your information, this is the first that I will try!
  5. Thanks a lot, I will try to check first if I can find the diode in a local electronics provider. However, I will keep in mind the solution you gave me. Cheers!
  6. Hello to everyone, I just signed-up to this forum because I had exactly the same problem, the diode PJ705K RS1J just broke and burnt. Fortunately, the inverter works unplugging the comms-port-board, can I break something else working regularly with the inverter? It seems that goes good, what gives me the chance to continue working while I find a replacement. Does anyone knows where I could find a spare part of this board? I found a technician near Valencia, Spain, who can provide a replacement one for 80€ aprox, but it seems to be pricey for such a little board (and problem). Thank you so much for all the attention that a post here seems to create. Salud!!
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