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Solar Pole Mount


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Dear All.

Best wishes leading up to new year.

Need some help. I am very much looking for a solar panel pole mount for a wifi highsite.

Best one I could find was from sustainable.co.za , as attached. 

I am not too sure of other suppliers who make this. There is nothing wrong with their option, looks great. Would just like to have a look at other options.  Ps. Im a novice welder, hehe.




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Perhaps chat to the guys at SolarMD in Milnerton, mypower24.co.za. I don't know them at all, but I noticed they build stuff like this for their lithium-ion rigs. Perhaps they can take that metal case they use to fit Li-Ions to a golf cart and tie it to a pole with one of their PV frames on top.

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Talk to the telecoms guys like NeoTel, Vox etc. They all use high-points to transmit data. The pole needs to have the correct earthing etc. Lightning loves it so it needs to be done the correct way. I can find out for you in the new year when I am back at work as we use a lot of high points. The Telkom tower is on our grounds

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