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20-30 Amp PWM Charge Controller Recomendations


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I have a Epever Mppt. They also make PWM controllers. They have a good range of PWM controllers with different battery charging settings. Some controllers can be program to charge lithium batteries. Inverter Warehouse and Sun pays stock them. 

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2 hours ago, addisonk said:

Hi all,
I'm looking for a decent PWM Charge Controller about 20-30 Amps to use for 12V shed lighting.  Lots around online but most of then look like junk.  Any recommendations?


At R1300 you can get a good Epever 20A MPPT that can accept panels with higher voltage that will convert the extra voltage to current for charging 12V batteries. Chris and myself are quite happy with our Epever MPPTs.

Example of the PV current vs battery current if panel voltage is higher than battery voltage.


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