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Axpert Battery Charging


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Hi All,

I suspect that i may have a configuration issue.

The battery charging current is down to +-3A; but the battery charge status is 91% with 14 hours to go to fully charged.at the moment it is set to charge from mains so there is no supply restriction. Is this normal activity? Maybe as result of the Axpert and the BMV detecting different charge state?

Please let me know if you see any problem or settings i should adjust.









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It is your BMV settings that are incorrect. Your charged voltage setting is probably too high. What are your BMV settings?

1.) Charged Voltage

2.) Tail Current

3.) Detection Time

Edit: Sorry, I just found it above.

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Hi Don. Thank you for responding. My BMW settings are in the 3rd image attached. 52.8V, 0.50%, 40m. These settings were changed after i had a problem in previous post that you assisted me with. The problem that the battery charge was stable and then it jumped from around 90% to 100% in one step. So i guess my settings need to be somewhere in the middle? The previous post was "BMV702 Config" on 12 April.


thank you for your help - appreciated!!!

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Pleasure Andrew.

Ok, so at least we know the settings are correct now. You will probably find that the jump will still be big jump with the detection time at 5 minutes. All you change now is the detection time. I would set the detection time to 50 minutes to stretch it out for as long as possible before going to 100%. That is the best you can do.

One thing I forgot to mention was, let the batteries get in as much charge as possible BEFORE going to solar tomorrow morning, press and hold the + and - buttons simultaneously for about 2 seconds and you will hear a beep to synchronize the BMV manually and tell it, "This is 100%". 

P.S. I wish everyone would post all the relevant information as you just did. Makes life so much easier to assist someone without dragging all the information out of them and making assumptions along the way that are incorrect.

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29 minutes ago, Don said:

@andrew9484, just something else I picked up. Can you give me the make and model of your batteries? Your charging current is set too high, bring it down to 40 amps. 

The batteries are from Vision. Data sheet attached. I have 4 strings of 4 batteries each. Max charging current is 30A per string? so it should be safe to go to 120A.


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5 minutes ago, Don said:

No, at 120A, all the stings would be charged at that rate. You are currently charging your strings at 60 Amps, that is too high.You have 400 Ah bank. You should charge it at 10% of that which is 40 Amps.

ok. changed to 40A. thank you!

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