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feeding grid power calibration


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On 7/1/2017 at 10:26 PM, educorner said:

Can someone explain what the function "feeding grid power calibration" (standard 0 watt) exactly does (SolarPower software) ?

If I had to guess, that is the "set point" that the inverter aims to balance. The trouble is that some meters will trip if you push power in reverse, and contrary to popular believe prepaid meters might not be 100% accurate either, so if you aim for zero you might well push back a little and trip the meter. So many inverters allow you to aim for something a bit above zero to compensate for that. In other words, when balancing solar with grid usage, it will attempt to limit the meter to 50w (for example) instead of aiming to stop it and run the risk of accidentally reversing it.

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And Axperts are known for their short term overshoots, at least in battery charging. 

But with any grid feeding inverter, if a 2 kW load drops off suddenly, it would be very difficult to prevent a slight power flow to the grid for a cycle or two. Those meters should allow a little more more slack, it seems to me.

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