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Inverter Buzzing Noise


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Hello guys

I have a 24v 3kw Devel Pure Sine Inverter, 2x12v 200ah Batteries, Battery balancer and BMV702 monitor.

Most of the appliances that I use are pumps and grinders i.e. electrical motor units, fridges, etc. In total I rarely exceeds more than 600-800w at a time and I never have issues.

Now I was running some tests with other appliances. I plugged in a warm hairbrush (150w) with no other loads at the time and it seemed like the inverter was completely going into overdrive  with make the loud vibration buzzing noise.

Is this normal? Is the load then too heavy? Because the BMV702 only showed a spike of about 350w at the time?



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Non-linear load most likely, that is, the current waveform is sufficiently out of sync with the voltage waveform that it creates a different kind of sound from the inverter. Also, as I recall, that's a low frequency inverter. So it might be nothing to worry about... I don't know.

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There are some loads that inverters don't like. For my Axpert, it's a hot air gun. When it's running, the lights flicker markedly. I can imagine that with another inverter, it could cause buzzing instead of or in addition to flickering. 

My suspicion is that it has to do with the voltage regulation. A sharp load change, either higher or lower, necessitates a change of inverter output voltage to compensate. If that load changes back at just the wrong rate, it can set up a kind of instability. 

There isn't much to be done about that. For me, the flickering is just a nuisance, a bit more for my daughter who has had an epileptic event. She says it doesn't bother her, so I accept that and keep an eye on it. 

You could try some sort of mains filter to try and correct the current spikes. I have not looked into that as yet; it's not been necessary so far. 

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Ditto the above.

Once had my Victron box make extremely odd noises and could not figure out why.  Checked everything (PV inverter, frequency shift, charging voltages) but could not make sense of why the inverter was resorting to a complete buzz-out with almost no load late one afternoon. DC voltage was also a little erratic.

Turns out this happens each time the wife uses her hair straighter... as per plonkster, a non-linear current form is most likely to blame.

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