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Sunsynk not charging from grid when battery has reached shutdown level


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Hi all,

I have three 8kW Sunsynks connected in three phase with 30kWh of battery storage (6 x eTowers batteries) - there is no PV connected to the system presently.  The system is used to run some pumps on a farm.  If load-shedding extends beyond the 2 hour mark, then the inverters reach the 15% SOC shut down setting (configured in battery setup page), and turn off.   My sense was that when the grid returns, the inverters would naturally begin charging the batteries up again, but this is not the case.  The inverters stay in the shutdown mode.  Even when I reset the Alarm (toggling the On/Off button), the inverters do not automatically start charging the batteries.  I need to go into the battery settings and reduce the shut down SOC settings in order for the inverters to go back into "Normal" mode and start charging the batteries.

Is there any way of setting up the inverters in UPS mode, so that they automatically start charging the batteries when the grid returns, even if they have reached their shut down SOC?

Many thanks,


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Do you have grid charging enabled under the battery settings?



Battery re-start enabled under Battery Settings?

Is this the battery restart SOC setting?  Yes, I have this set at 25%.


And time of use disabled under the System Work Mode?

No, I have timer enabled and have ticked all the grid boxes for all the times


 Lastly, what's the inverter's re-start SOC?


Thank you

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5 hours ago, GreenFields said:

No, should have said battery activation.

Ok... from the manual battery activation says : "Active battery - This feature will help recover a battery that is 100% discharged by slowly
changing from the solar array. Until the battery reaches a point where it can change normally." -- So I thought this would only apply if one had a solar array

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  • 7 months later...

What is supposed to happen when the battery reaches the shutdown SOC %?

My understanding is that the load will no longer be powered, but the inverter will remain powered from the battery and the battery will charge from PV and/or grid (if settings allow). And once the restart SOC % is reached, the inverter will operate as normal. During the time between shutdown and restart, the load will not be powered.

Is that correct?

Thanks in advance :)


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