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A question about terminology


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Hi guys,

I have a problem with naming something. After cache invalidation, naming things is the hardest part of software design. In any case, look at this picture:


The trouble is "Phase Compensation". Let me explain what it does quickly. In a Three Phase System, where you have three inverters connected to make up the phases, and you have grid-tied inverters in the system as well, it sometimes happens that you have a suplus on one phase, while on another phase you're importing power from the grid.

What you can do is put the surplus into the battery, and telling the inverter on the other phase to take it out again. This is inefficient of course, because you go through two conversion phases.

What you can also do is make use of the fact that you're billed for the total power across the three phases, that is, you push the surplus into the grid and take it out again on the phase where you want it. This is of course very efficient.

In other words, it is a kind of phase balancing... but it doesn't actually balance things, nor does it compensate for anything. What would be a good term for this function?

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