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Solar Assistant Dashboard Problems


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Hello everyone, I installed the latest update. Now I have the problem that inverter and batteries are connected but no more data is shown in the dashboard. Although all the data is read when I click on the inverter or batteries. I also reinstalled the software. But brings no remedy




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They had a similar bug 2 or 3 releases ago where the gauges also didn't work after the update. I emailed Pierre and he fixed it with a patch release within the same week. And I am on the Beta release schedule.


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Hello again, the Dashboard is back and shows some datas. But why does the display only go up to 10000 watts and no more? My Solar is currently producing 11500W but a maximum of about 10000W is displayed.


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Go to your settings page. Click disconnect button next to Advance button. Red disconnect button will turn green and show connect. Press Advance button that will take you to page to edit your max data on dashboard. When finished click setting button and press connect button. 



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Config Tab
Go to Inverter/Battery section. Click on Disconnect

Green connect button will appear.
Click on the Advanced button.
In this Advanced Tab you can now change the values to your liking. This sets the scale of the gauges only.
Once happy and finished go back to the configuration tab and apply the green connect button to reconnect to the inverter and battery,


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Good morning and happy Easter from Germany:).. thanks a lot for your help, but doesn’t work correctly. Now the problem is, that the display in the dashboard for "solar“ goes over 10,000 watts if i switch on consumers accordingly in the house. such as kettle. for this moment, the display goes up to zb. 12000watts. you can see everything super in the graphic. But if there is no consumers the „Solar“ and „grid“ doesn’t go up over 10000watts but Solar ist producing more than 10000watts. You can see at picture from electricity meter. The electricity meter shows how much feed into grid (12376W)



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Hi @uwachs,

Perhaps your inverter is limiting the amount of W you are feeding into the grid. To me that number seems to be (looks like) 10000W. 

You can set (check first) that on Solar Assistant: (if you have a Sunsynk/Deye) other inverters may display different text.

Open the "Power" tab.

Scroll down to "Work mode Detail"

The 2nd last line shows: 

Inverter power limiter      XXXX W. If XXXX=10000, then this seems to be the problem.
Press Edit, and adjust to suit your installation.
Hope this helps.


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