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Infinisolar 10KW / MPI 10K - ERROR 14 inverter dc component exceeds the allowable range


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I've recently installed a new Infinisolar 10KW that has been in stock for some years (type shield says "PAR-B", build date mid of 2018, FW was upgraded to: 2020-04-02).
After about 2 weeks in service the inverter stops working with ERROR 14 "inverter dc component exceeds the allowable range". It remains hanging until a complete powercycle.

On it's dc input 1 there are 21x 280W panels connected (=654V Vmpp / 8,99A Impp, 815Voc / 9.67A Isc). According to my realtime logging there are about 9.67A (=Isc) shortly before the fault appears. It's unusual cold for that time of the year (minus 5° celsius) and there are many quick cloud/sun changes.

According to the datasheet the inverter should be capable of 18A dc current per input, so in fact it's far away from the limit. I'm afraid that the mpp mechanism does not work fast enough for such quick load changes and the tracker gets out of it's "rhythm". Too bad that it does not recover by itself and needs manual action.

Did anyone ever experienced something similar?

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I found the issue - problem is gone.😄

In case someone runs into a similar problem: I work on a software solution as a modbus-server replacement. Obviously too big values got sent to the modbus-card in case of fast sun/cloud changes.
Temporarily moving back to the original HW modbus server seems to cure the problem.
So I have to identify and eliminate the sw problem now.

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Software modbus server was modified and deep logging was activated.
As summer has arrived and fast sun/cloud changes are currently gone, the fault did not pop up anymore.

How does your setup look like, especially the modbus card setup?

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Uh, I am not very verse at modbus changes and management. I am in Macedonia and we have many sunny days here. My current setup is 24 panels x 550w, toatal of 13,2 kw of solar panels. No batteries at the moment, still looking and choosing betweel Lifepo4 or lead acid. I have Voltronic Infinisolr 15 kw unit and had lots of problems so far. The unit was installed 3 months ago and the very first day it restarted 12 times. Real nightmare. And it was always from the first ray of sun and then randomly and intermittently during the day only. So, in 10 hrs daylight every day for over a week I had 10-12 restarts. But those restarts were around i0 seconds in interval. The power would go off and then the unit would powercycle and the power would get back on. I have fixed that by gelling the Infinisolar that I have a Power Generator connected. That did the trick for that issue.

Then the fault F14 appeared. At first weekly, then every 2 weeks and now it has lasted 3 weeks. But , as you have mentioned the problem is that once ot goes down it does not powercycle back again. It could stay like that and beep and display F14 or the message is as in the subject of this thread you have started “ERROR 14 inverter dc component exceeds the allowable range”.


We plan to go on a holiday in July and I am concerned that it just may stop working. I use SolarPower App to manage certain settings on the inverter>

Please let me know if you can help me fix the issue.


many thnks in advance



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