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Parallel 5kw Deye Inverter Battery Question


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I have two 5 kw Deye inverters connected in parallel. Both inverters connect to a single 10kwh Lithium battery.

When I look at Solar Assistant graphs I can see, by looking at battery current on each inverter, that one inverter is using energy from the battery and the other inverter is charging the battery. How can I configure both inverters to use battery power first before grid power?




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Unfortunately I don’t have a schematic but I have a photo (not sure if it help). The inverter on the left is setup as the master and the one on the right is the slave.


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10 minutes ago, QB87 said:

How can I diagnose with my multi-meter if there is a wiring issue? 

I have the inverter and battery manuals so if someone can point me to go measure at X and Y on battery and/or inverter I can do that.

I'm not sure tbh - i think you may need to et your installer out to check.

When you are charging / discharging the batteries do the loads on the inverters keep up with each other, e.g. If you are charging at 2.5kw, is each inverter providing 1.25kw to the battery or is one doing more than the other (by a large margin)? 

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Thank you.

I do have another question if you don’t mind.

As mentioned, I have two 5 kw Deye inverters connected in parallel, ons is master and other is slave. Both inverters connect to a single 10kwh Lithium battery (LFP200-51.2) (https://www.solarwaysuppliers.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Y-and-R-Solar-pty-Ltd-LES-Powerwall-Battery-Pack-User-Manual.pdf)



When my swimming pool pump turns on during load shedding my inverters stop providing power to the load, circuit breakers don’t trip. With a two 5kw inverters and a 10kwh battery I would assume the system should be able to handle the swimming pool pump!? See load image below, the spike when pump kicks in. Load is smaller than 5000w. In the battery current image below, the total battery current (yellow) is at 65 amps which is lower than the 100 amps. So nut sure why the inverter stops powering the load.



I would like to understand how I should configure each inverter in terms of the parameters below as I think that might be the problem:

1) Max charge/discharge current

2) Power setting under the Work Mode schedule

Max charge/discharge current

I see from the battery spec sheet that it’s max charge/discharge current is 100 amps. Since I have two inverters I set the max charge/discharge current on each inverter at 50 amps. My reasoning is that each inverter will pull 50 amps to get to the max 100 amps of the battery. Is this reasoning correct? 

Power Settings Under Work Mode schedule

The work mode settings I refer to is where you can configure the inverter to charge at certain times of the day using grid or battery. For each of the timeslots in this schedule you can edit the power. Currently I have set the power to 5000 for each timeslot. But wanted to know if this is correct? With the current battery specs, can I increase the power?


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