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Axpert MKSII not prioritising solar for load


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I have an Axpert (I believe MKII) set to Sol...I have 9x340w PV array set in three strings of 3.

In the afternoon my running load is about 300w. On a sunny day I would expect the PV array to fully cover this with any residue from the Pv array going to charge the battery if not full. However with utility current off it using battery first on a sunny day which mean there will be lower reserve at night.


Any help would be appreciated to help get it to use power from pv and reserve battery for night time.


Current settings are:

Setting 1: Sol

Setting12: 51v

Setting13: 54v

Charge setting is Solar first.

This image shows the routine on a sunny day where PV voltage is reading 104 but pv watts and amps returning 0.

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Hi AntonySolar,

I had the same problem: I changed the timmer settings (see manual "USB and timer settings") to override the SBU priority and now it works fine. I think standard setting is utility first between 0h and 23h, which means "override standard setting all day long".

Maybe this helps



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