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HOSELECT SOC issue & BMS firmware


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Hi, I am using a LuxPower SNA5000 with HOSELECT 4.8kWh.

My issue was that suddenly the battery would report 100% SOC at less and less voltage until it would not charge past 48V.

Unfortunately I bought this battery from the wrong people. The guy I'm talking to is a HUGE @$$ and obviously nothing more than a salesman. Makes me wonder if selling this type of equipment should not require a green card - he does not understand the difference between Lead Acid and Lithium, or what a BMS is. So I am on my own here.

I've manually charged it up now to 53.3V (pack voltage param in pbms) using a Kodak inverter with user AGM settings (was unable to get it to communicate with BMS). Now back on Luxpower after 3 cycles it seems to be charging fine again to the proper voltage.

Now my question, does anybody know who I can contact with regard to obtaining a firmware update for this battery? The sales guy obviously won't help and I am unable to find any information on Hoselect batteries.

Current firmware version is P13S120A-21347-1.0.0.

Maybe it will work properly now and an update might no be necessary. But as I said it happened gradually so I will keep an eye on it, but want to be prepared with an updated firmware if an one exists.



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Hi Chris,

How did you manage to see the firmware of the battery. I have installed three of these batteries with Luxpower SNA inverters in three different installations with now problem and now the last one is completely different. Where I used to select battery brand 21 I need to select brand 4, and where all the other batteries is fully charged at about 52.7V, this one only reach about 77% SOC at 55V and then does not want to charge any further.

I am trying to connect to it with PBMS Tools through the RS232 port but it simply does not want to connect. Did you manage to connect to it?

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On 2023/11/15 at 10:05 PM, Toaster001 said:

Hi Chris

Were you able to figure out what the problem was? I have a Growatt and SVolt with a similar story. Battery says it is at 97% but voltage is 42.25v and then shuts down. Have had the battery swapped out for a new one and now 2 weeks later its the same thing again. 

Sounds like communication issues causing SOC drift, probably because the battery is not fully charging and balancing. I would suggest disconnecting the comms cable between battery and inverter and switching the inverter to a USER mode where you can enter the charge voltages and charge the battery to 53V and see if that can get you back to a proper 100% SOC.

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