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Axpert new Firmware priorities setting Issues


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Dear All,

We have 2 x 5Kva Axperts, latest version, connected in parallel. These are set in SOL and with PV as the only charging method. For some reason once the PV array finalise charging the battery after a little while the inverters switch off the PV input (both of them) and start working from the battery (not from the grid) until the jump back to the grid voltage is reached at which point the battery will wait until next day to be recharged again.

This is an inefficient usage of the inverter and once the battery is full we would like the PV to continue supplying the loads in parallel to the battery.

If the PV isolator is reset the battery start charging inmediatelly while loads are as well supplied by the PV until is full at which point it again repeats the same cycle.


Thanks for ideas on the settings.


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Download @Chris Hobson "Axpert Settings" document in the download section - you may need 5 posts before you can do that so float around the site and post 4 more arbitrary comments:)

The Program 01 is normally SBU not SOL, if I read the description they seem almost identical so not sure if it will help but try it anyway and see if it makes a difference.

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It sounds strange; I agree with pilotfish that you could have other strange settings. See also 


on the meaning of the three Output Source Priority setting values. It states that SOL tries not to use the battery unless all else fails, which is obviously not what you are seeing. 

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