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Advice needed on adding additional lithium battery or add Solar


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I currently have an Axpert 5kw inverter with a Fivestar 5kva battery. I am looking at extending the availability of power when we have so much load shedding. I currently only have a few items on the inverter and use approx 600w.

Photos attached.

1. Can I add an additional 5kva battery and does this have to be the exact same model?

2. Would you add Solar to this or go with an additional battery?

Your advice would be appreciated!




Fivestar Battery2.jpg

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What is the max solar that can be added to this inverter.

From a google search it seems 4000w, this can be around say 8 or 9 x 460w panels (please make sure on this and dont take number as correct)


Panels will have the benefit of starting to save you from purchasing electricity, ROI starts. And you can potentially run through the day on the panels if you only need 600w.

In terms of cost +-panels would be around 27k vs a battery of around 33k (takealot). Excluding install costs, which for panels can add up to a few bucks.


What sort of roof layout do you have to mount the panels.

If you have a north or East/West split (Make sure on a split because I believe this has 1 MPPT input). 

If I was in your position (I kind of am with my own setup) and I am opting next for adding solar panels before a second battery for the reasons above.

Just my 2c

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Solar is much cheaper to extend the running time but only works while the sun is shining. If you need to get through loadshedding during the night either reduce loads or install another battery.

The battery needs to have the same operating voltage, so 15cell and 16cell batteries cannot be used together. Better to stick to the same battery 

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To find the balance between extra solar or batteries depends on your usage pattern.
You need to determine your total kWh usage over night, i.e. from the time when the solar is less than the demand till the time solar starts exceeding the demand. If the intention is to be off grid for that period, then that kWh usage will determine the battery capacity needed.
Additional solar panels will make you power independent during the times that your installed solar kW produce more than your typical demand.
Excess solar panels have the benefit of higher yields on cloudy and overcast days and give you the option to manage your high demand devices during the day.
Analyse your typical usage pattern in terms of kWh per day. Then analyse your day and night time usage.
Determine what you could do differently to exploit the most solar energy from the current or envisaged panel potential. More solar panels is cheaper than batteries.


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I assume you have no solar as you did not mention solar  so all you want to get is longer run time to help with this increased load shedding so extra lithium will work .

Problem with more storage power is the cost in units kw  to charge and float . If the cost is not an issue for you then extra storage is all you need . But if cost to charge is becoming an issue 1kw solar and set  charge to  solar only will reduce the cost to charge all that storage power . 

This inverter can't communicate with the lithium so as long as the lithium has the same cell count and volts parallel should not be an big issue .


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