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Epever MPPT Charge Controller . . . No Equalize for Gel?


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Hello everyone. Made a quick video on Epever MPPT Charge Controller. While going through it I realized that Gel batteries do not have to be equalized. Is this true or should I worry that Epever does not have an equalize for Gel Batteries..? Hope someone can help. Thanks.




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Equalisation charging boils off electrolyte and because you cannot top-up the electrolyte in gel and other sealed batteries, you generally want to avoid doing equalisation charges. You only do them if you absolutely have to (there is a gross imbalance), and it is much better to avoid the imbalance in the first place with a good battery balancer.

So I won't say you cannot equalise a gel battery, but it should be done sparingly if ever, preferably never if you can avoid it.

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Thanks for the info.  I figured out Gel's aren't really in need of equalization, but I do know that it's an "as needed" kind of procedure.  It's just nice to have a controller that has that option as opposed to needing it and you can't do it because there is no option.  As I learn more on solar, I am finding little things that I would want and things I'd do differently.  I am so glad I didn't spend a fortune and studied things first.  I would have made expensive mistakes otherwise.  And in some blogs, I have seen people complain about exactly that.

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