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The end is nigh


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For some people who have been following Eskom discussions.


The real Eskom story has finally been spotlighted - but please don’t expect miracles.

No mine can be kickstarted into production and neglect takes a looonng time to fix. I should know as I worked on them for 40 odd years.

This is a very good motivation to get the alternative electrical supply in order guys.

Time to become a solar seller. Lots of money to be made from everybody.

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When I read these articles, and they really try to share a deeper understanding of what is going on, I think of the SA willpower, cash, political will, thievery, workers demands, end-users living happily in their bubbles, that all of that supersedes the very basic requirement: As a country, we have to have power.

Issue is the majority of SA citizens are not affluent homeowners or businesses completely reliant of electricity. They do not shop in the huge malls where FMCG are running the show, do not own businesses that rely on electricity.

I made a joke with Eskom failures. Until the cell towers go down for weeks, most of SA would not be worried, as they still get paid if the office / factory is dark.

And because of all of this, there is a very dark side of me that wants to come out and play. 

The dark side that sits and wonders: Until it all breaks for real, is anything really going to change for the better, like it used to be, or better? When do we break it so we can fix it?

The rich(er) will continue to operate, the poorer will simply get poorer due to increased cost of production.

*** How's that for going dark? *** :D

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I can see the ANC letting the powerstations run empty of coal and die.

And then there will not be electricity to run the mines to restart production.

And the chaos will start.

We’ve been very close to this scenario once before when the power stations nearly tripped.

Many years later and some broken units have still not been repaired - but I am sure the insurance money is long gone.

It is good to read Clem Sunter’s books on different scenarios. 

Fact is that the current lot in guvament only knows the way of fraud and violence - organised, instigated, real, inspired or otherwise.

They could never have foreseen that international money powers could force their hand. Thas is Moody and company for you.

But the previous regime also met their match when the international community turned against them. But at least the ANC inherited and took over a stable economy. Big companies are now divesting to get away from the sh*thole our country has become.

The period up to the next elections will be very volatile and downright dangerous as the politicians manouver around the trough.

And they don’t worry about casualties - the VBS drama illustrates this very well.

Unless many people suddenly develop consciences and steer away from their pickpocket ways this country is in trouble.

And to think I’ve thought that the rand will never weaken to R20 to a $. All the reputable economists are of the opinion that you must convert investments to dollars.

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