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Concise 5kWh battery comparison


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To those who are looking at batteries and are as overwhelmed as I was, here is a spreadsheet that I created that contains as much information as I could gather on majority of the batteries on the market. Please note that I focused on mainly 1C batteries and batteries that were recommended. I left prices out of the equation because they fluctuate too often. The info was pulled from the battery data sheets and warranty documents.

I have not made a decision as to which battery to go for, it will most probably come down to stock availability and price too but the front runners for me are Greenrich, BSL and Sunsynk. 

Does anyone know if the Sunsynk is a true 1C battery? I am not sure about this as there is conflicting information out there. 

Feel free to fill in the gaps if you have the information that I was not able to obtain.

This took me a really long time so I hope this helps someone.



5kWh Battery comparison.xlsx

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Unfortunately, most of the marketing hype, is just that HYPE.

Look at Greenrich

Discharge (1.5C - recommended 0.5C) ...So what is it a 0.5C battery or a 1.5C battery..How long will it last at 1.5C?

It would be really informative if a comparison could include the following;

1) Cell manufacturer - EVE, CATL, TAFEL etc.

2) BMS - PACE etc.

Most cell are marketed as e.g. 100Ah cells, this is a minimum acceptable at manufacture, but when manufactured they are usually > 100Ah..So Greenwich (again, Im sorry) says theirs are 119.6 Ah - are these 120Ah batteries that fall below the manufacture 120Ah quality threshold? If you look, all their batteries are weirdly specced vs the rest.

I suppose it depends what one considers quality to be;

1) Support

2) Warranty

3) Compatibility with inverter...

I expect that once the market in SA matures we will buy batteries like we buy car batteries, which one is available at the time and lowest price. The market pushes all these suppliers to provide the similar warranties in the long run.


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