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Time for solar panels


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I need advice on what makes of panels are recommended based on availibility, output, reliability issues and costs.

Also what structure is advised for installation on a corrugated roof.

I believe there was a recommendation to install the panels at least 300mm above the roof to reduce temperatures.

I need a recommendation on the strings to supply power power to a 4kw infinisolar.

The manual recommends 2 strings of 10 panels.

Specs are:

max dc power 5000w

nominal dc power 360 vdc

maximum dc power 580 vdc

maximun input current 18a

Isc PV (absolute maximum) 25a

Thanks to all.

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HI Johan you can use the  PV Array Sizing Tool that I posted to the forum under the software section to test to see whether particular panels are suitable for what you have in mind. I have been told it is not particularly use friendly (I will fix that with ver 2).


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With regards to the reliability of solar panels, has anyone ever had panels fail? I have small 50W and 100W panles used for 12V lights that have been in use for about 10 years, have been moved from here to there and still are fine as far as I can tell. Not sure which brand though. 


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We have about ten 40W panels (used  for a solar pump) from  a French manufacturer that have delaminated. They are old though having been bought in 1982. I have some newer 250W panels (also for a solar pump) from SSS (a South African company). The wafer after 8 years shows severe discoloration. It has not affected production so that I would notice.

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