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Infini Battery Temperature Sensor


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1 hour ago, LionKing said:

My 10KW Infini Inverter has an option to connect a Battery temperature sensor. 

I must admit it is the first  have heard of it. What does the temperature sensor do? Does charging get modified to allow for temperature compensation? If it just providing you with a value you might as well just hook up an aquarium thermometer.


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I just had a glance through the Infini 10kW user guide and there is definitely terminals available for a battery thermal sensor, but then no further mention of it. Even the section to do with battery charging algorithm doesn't mention temp adjustments.

So either it is there just for additional info in Watch Power, or they may plan some future firmware update using temp input.

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i'm gonna setup software on my laptop and see if there is an option in the software to adjust charging based off of temperature...I'm hoping it does. 

So any idea where can I get the sensor from? Are these things these things generic or manufacturer/model specific?

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It is more than likely a standard PT100 type sensor, wire one in there (while closing your eyes) and see what happens:ph34r:

Just kidding use a meter 1st to check for voltage on the sensor terminals, if 12V or less then I reckon you could connect a PT100 and see if it gives sensible info - if not then you have wasted about R100 or less.

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