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I hope so. Generator definitely as it is a Lister type, tractor probably? As I understand it though, properly made biodiesel can be used without any modifictions? The first trick it to find it though, because while lots is said about biodiesel, no one seems to supply the stuff.

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A friend who owns a game farm was using biodiesel in his game viewers. The biodiesel was being made by a university researcher and contained a lot of sunflower oil from restaurants. The only drawback was that everything smelt of fish and chips.  

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I bought a couple of drums manufactured biodiesel, I found that:

a) Diesel in the drum delivered was are not as clean as I would have expected.

B) Power loss on the vehicle.

c) Replacing the diesel filter regularly.

d) Cost, initially, was R2 cheaper per liter until not anymore. Too many people caught on that the old oil had value.


Bottom line: Be wise on the matter.

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