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SolarPower 1.14 - Some new features

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Hi all,

Has anybody started experimenting with the newest version of SolarPower? 

It seems to have been released in May of this year. Here's a link SolarPower 1.14

Some new features/functions have appeared in the Device Parameters tab for both the Infinisolar 10kW and 4kW Super (I have not experimented with any of the other inverters yet).

Some of the new features that have appeared: 

  1. "Output neutral line grounding in battery mode" Enable or Disable (Disabled by default) - Seen for the 4kW and 10kW
  2. "Battery number" (0 by default) - Seen on the 10kW and I was unable to change this value


Has anybody experimented with these settings and understood how they affect the configuration and performance of the system?




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I noticed SolarPower does not allow me to change the “Allow AC charger times” from “01:00 - 04:00” (default?) to “00:00 - 00:00” (for always on).

This is on a Super 4k modelnInfinisolar.

I am still using SolarPower 1.09.

Any ideas?

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On ‎2020‎/‎03‎/‎12 at 2:19 PM, ferdinand said:

Hi I want to install Solarpower on my new compute.  Not working.  Black window appear and disappear immediately.  Any assistance please.


Thank you

me too


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