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Generator Autostart with Axpert System?


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You can use the dry contact to autostart a gennie. As someone who lives off grid think carefully about whether you want an autostart. More often than not the geniie will start at inappropriate moments (just before sunrise for instance). In the 3 years I have had solar I have found it better for someone to make a decision about whether to start the gennie or not.

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Thank you Chris could you elaborate on how this will be done? In this case the lodge are opening without any Grid Power but do have an existing 100KVA Generator. They want to launch with a certain amount of rooms but will need to make use of generator to supplement the power during the night by charging the battery bank as they cannot afford more at this stage... For this reason I want to be able to set up the system to kick in at a certain level of charge up to a certain level if possible?

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Hi Bosvark

Page 10 of the manual.


So If you have newer firmware you would set program 38 to disable. Generator will start at the voltage specified in program 12 and stop at voltage specified in program 13. Being a 100kVA it is probably one of those fancy autostart units which will have an Aux start relay. If it is more mundane like my Lister engine you will need a timer on the relay (3-4 sec) so that there is not continuous power to the starter motor. The governor's solenoid will however need to be held closed until the engine needs to stop.

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