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Please check my theory

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The Goodwe GW3648D-ES has a PV Max. Input Current (A) of 11 amps per MPPT, (it has 2 MPPT's) with a MAX DC input of 580 VDC (125 to 550 VDC MPPT range)

18 x JA 330 watt panels with 2 parallel strings of 9 panels in series per string will generate 8.77 amps with both strings will be 17.54 amps... too many for the inverter...

Does this mean I have to wire each string to each MPPT individually?

In turn the 18 x JA panels with 2 parallel strings of 9 panels in series will generate 37.65 VDC with a total of 338.85 VDC, well within limits of the MAX DC input.




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