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ICC + Pi DC power redundancy


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GM Pf,

I have on many occasions found the Raspberry PI hanging.Result was a redo of  he ICC image,update and reconfigure.I have lost count on the amount of times

it has been done.

I was considering using the Mecer tablet to the job.

I bought a portable Adata battery bank to use this as a UPS only to find it won't charge and supply power at the same time.

Are there any circuits or silver bullets out there I can put together use to have a shared 5v busbar to allow for continuity?I have also purchased a power cube from Builders with ac  and 2 DC outputs.

Thank you.


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On 2018/10/26 at 5:29 PM, SolarNoob said:

Have you considered the UPS hats for the Pi?



I note that one of those UPS things has an UltraFire branded cell as the backup. A colleague and I assessed one of those cells 2.5 years ago, and found that they were complete rubbish. The active material was a loose fit inside the case, and they had a capacity perhaps half of what was claimed. So I'd be wary of any product that uses them, or even has them in an image on their web site.

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